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Fall Mantel


As promised, every post this week will have something to do with the Fall season, right down to "Transformation Tuesday" tomorrow, which will also include a FALL LINK PARTY.  You'll be able to show off any Fall decorating, or crafts, you've done so far this season!  I know you have some fabulous autumn fun up your sleeves, and tomorrow will be your chance to show it … [Read more...]

Ho Hum


I don't know what it is, but I have just not been feeling myself this week at all.  Ever have those days?  I am so beyond exhausted that it's taking everything I've got to do normal tasks that wouldn't normally be difficult.  It's just one of those darn weeks, I guess!  Geez.  Complain much?  Okay, that's enough of that!I've been busy getting ready for my first ever … [Read more...]