Sunday Inspiration – May 25, 2014

Hubby here, with a quick pinch hit post.  As most of you are aware, we are prepping to re-launch The Ironstone Nest shop front in a new location.  Consequently,  life has been a complete chaotic whirlwind over these last few months.  I apologize for taking Laura away from the blog, but we both hope this is the start of something even bigger.

I know she has a big list of upcoming blog posts, and after this Thursday (shameless plug: Grand Opening at 3pm in Sun Prairie,  May 29th!) she will be back. In the meantime, keeping with the spirit of Inspiration on Sundays, I wanted to share a few inspirational shots and videos from the store.





Happy Memorial Day everyone!



  1. Looks great guys! Can’t wait to see the full reveal! Have a wonderful week!

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Never thought of myself as an artist but must be since I qualify with last statement. I’d been told since I was quite young I couldn’t do many things due to a birth defect but when I got older I wouldn’t listen to that, I was determined to find out what I could do. So glad I didn’t give up and listen to my own Mother. I’m sure no genius and not real good at many things but doggone I have to give it a shot anyway.
    Hope all works out for you in your new store. Nothing worth what we want is ever too much effort.
    Keep plugging away. Bless your heart. Happy days

  3. Shelley says:

    Best of luck with your new store launch! Can’t wait to see all the pictures!

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