Word of the Year 2014

Most of the time life is very organic and things that happen, happen naturally.  I made the choice 3 years ago to start this blog but from that moment on, most of the events that have led to today have had a heartbeat of their own and have happened naturally without any real intention on my part.

However, with all of the challenges of juggling a family and our businesses, life has had to become very intentional.  I now create space and time for things I haven’t in the past.



I create a positive attitude even when it’s been difficult.



I create time to sit down with our children to teach them how to draw their name or I create an evening that is carved out specifically for me and my paint brush.



I create time and shut the screens off of the phone and the computer to have intentional family time, or sometimes even “me” time.


I have 1001 things on my “to do” list, but I have been intentionally creating space for the things you don’t often find on one of those lists.

Therefore, my chosen word for 2014 is CREATE

#ironstonenest word of the year 2014


#ironstonenest word of the year 2014 2


. . . with my hands, my mind and my choices.  I will create a life that is peaceful, kind to others, honoring to my family, fulfilling, and most of all, inspiring. I will create simply for the sake of creating.

Create.  That is what I shall do.



  1. Great post, Laura, and a wonderful word of the year!

  2. Love it!

  3. Laura: Very inspiring Post. Thank you! Joy

  4. Joanie Ellis says:

    That was so awesome……..you are so inspiring……..love it……………and create is what I shall do too, because you have explained how so many of us feel…………it’s nice to know we are not alone in our feelings or in life…………

  5. JaneEllen says:

    Such a great word. It’s such a wonderful way to live, if I couldn’t create when the feeling comes over me then I’d be a pretty dissatisfied person. Now that I’m older and don’t have to work (even when I worked I still created) I can create any time of day or night I want to. My hubs is a pretty good sport about the messes that occur when I’m in the throw of creativity. A few years ago he took over the cooking and helps occasionally with cleaning up the house enabling me to spend more time on my pc reading blog posts and creating. Having such an inspiring community has instilled in me the courage to try things I might not have, has opened up ideas I might never have had access to.
    I don’t imagine it’s as convenient to find time for creating when you have a family but if we want to create we do it. I had 4 kids and still sewed, spent time making things, as they got older was easier to find the time. Good for you for making time for yourself to create if it’s in your personality and you need to create then you do. Took my hubs a while to understand that creating was part of who I am and most likely always will be. I’m 73 now and can’t wait to start projects.
    Great and wonderful post. I applaud you. Happy week

  6. Anita in SC says:

    Blessings to you!!!!

  7. Laura –
    Loved your blog!! Staying in the positive and honoring our creative talents is our unique way of contributing to the world around us. My studio has become my haven, my place of peace and my creative zone – its a simple space to create in ;) I hold workshops and special events there often but my favorite time in my studio is when it is just me, a new find and my paint brush!
    Happy 2014 to you and your creative spirit!!
    Cynthia D. Lacy
    The Faux Show Studio
    Kerrville, Texas

  8. I am working on “creating” brand extensions for my business right now and this is just the post I needed to read today. Thanks!

  9. Hi Laura. Thanks for this post. It was very motivational for me today. It really touched home.

  10. Laura,

    I have picked the same word too for the same reasons! Happy Creating!

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