Sunday Inspiration

One of my very favorite things to do is to find a quote that makes me think. I mean really think. When I was in high school, I used to fly through magazines looking for quotes to cut out, or I’d find words in fantastic fonts and paste them together in my photo album to make memorable phrases. Oh you know you did it too!

Well now there’s Pinterest to satisfy my searches. I’m always hunting for motivational and inspirational quotes that are poignant to where I’m at that day. Sometimes I send them to friends, and sometimes you’ll see me throw one up on our Facebook page. I thought it’d be fun to post one, or a few, every Sunday. Sometimes the quote could mean nothing, it could be what I’m struggling with, it could be something I just want to put out there as inspiration, it could be typography I think it really fantastic, or it could be an amusing quote I just wanted to share. Lord knows we all need a little more “amusing” in our lives, don’t we?

So today is the first day of Sunday Inspiration here at The Ironstone Nest . . .


I have an entire board titled “Inspirational Quotes” so I doubt I’ll run out of things to share with you anytime soon.

Happy Sunday to you!



  1. Love

  2. Yes…exactly! I’ll look forward to more inspiration! ;)

  3. patty soriano says:

    Laura, I DID do that ! When I was young, I had a bulletin board on my wall that had great quotes I collected! I’ve even saved them…all these years…. like FORTY years! I need to find that box. I wish I could think of one now to tell you. I like your quote above. I always smile back!

  4. Can’t go wrong with that quote, perfect. Maybe make somebody’s day smiling at them. I had to print it out. Think I’ll print them all out, hang them in old wood window panes on my shutter shelf. Happy week

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