Nashville Part 2 – Incredible Women

One of the places I’ve been dying to go to is City Farmhouse in Franklin, Tennessee.  Their talent for picking is a gift, for sure.
These incredible doors were the first items that caught my eye as soon as we walked in.  Aren’t they amazing?  At this point, the hubby was very happy that we drove the sedan down to Nashville because he knew full well that they would have come home with us if we had our truck!
Just look at all of that farmhouse goodness.  City Farmhouse finds THE best harvest tables.  They have a reputation for tables, in fact.
Check out that 10′ table in the center of this photo?  Love, love, love!
The clear battery jar on top of the dresser on the left came home with me too!
Look at that fireplace!  Can you believe it?  Kim said of all the fireplace mantels they’ve picked over the years, this one is her favorite.  It’s easy to see why!  I would love to hear the stories these pieces could tell!

I sent Kim a message on Facebook a week before we arrived because I wanted to meet her if we could.  I was delighted when she responded and said they’d be there both days.  Kim is a sweetheart and ridiculously talented.  We spent a lot of time talking about raising families, owning a shop and picking the right things for inventory.  She was a wealth of information and I am so very grateful for our time together.
(Do you see the dough bowl in the bottom left-hand corner?  I grabbed it as soon as we walked in.  It was one of my favorite purchases of the trip!)

Then we made our way to a little town west of Franklin called Liepers Fork.  Our drive there took us through rolling hills, farms, equestrian stables, and by some incredibly large homes.  It was picture perfect.

And this is the awesomeness we found when we arrived.  Just look how quaint and welcoming this town is!  I’m sure there’s been many a bonfire held here and lots of singing and enjoyment of life!  This is certainly my kind of town!
We came here because I researched a bunch of shops online and this one really stuck out so I definitely didn’t want to miss it:  Serenite Maison.

When we walked in, we were greeted by a band playing live right in the store.  They were sitting on couches and chairs just jamming and singing.  It was lovely!

Whenever I walk into a shop, I always ask for permission to take photos.  I was quickly told that I could, but needed to limit the amount because a publishing company is currently putting a coffee table book together of her shop.  Yeah.  That’s how amazing her vignettes are!  Just look at these trophies:

And this cabinet (*drool*):

And mirrors and chandeliers and all sorts of incredible finds from her travels around the world:
But the most amazing thing you’ll find if you are ever lucky enough to make it here is this lovely lady:

Meet Alexandra Cirimelli.  She’s one of those kinds of people you don’t come across very often.  She has a giving spirit, a joyful attitude and a definite love for what she does.  We had a wonderful time talking with her for a while about life, owning a shop, marriage, being a woman and living in a small town.  It’s honestly one of those encounters in life that you’ll never forget.  She shared a story with us about how during a recent personal tragedy the town got together and paid for everything for her.  Incredible, yes?  She said it’s a testimony to the kind of folks that live in Liepers Fork.  I don’t doubt that, but after meeting her, I can guarantee that it’s also a testament to the kind of person she is.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to Kim and Alex for the women that you are.  I will never forget our encounter.

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  1. What a wonderful shopping experience! Thanks so much for sharing with us :)

  2. How fun!

  3. What a great place to see, love, love the doors and that fireplace mantel is unreal. The silver wasn’t so shabby either. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Amazing trip and the kindest folks…that’s wonderful! Thanks for sharing…

  5. I sense a few hints about a possible shop in your future. I sure hope so. I live in your neck of the woods and we could benefit from a shop with your taste and flair.

  6. What a wonderful time you had, Laura! And getting to meet these two sweet ladies as well. I have heard Franklin popping up in a lot of blog conversations and now I’m dying to visit. Sounds like an antique paradise!


  7. One of the biggest things I miss about living in KY is getting to go real antiquing. We lived north of Bowling Green, KY and that whole area is antiquers heaven. There’s one little town called Smith’s Grove that I miss the very most. I spent alot of time there getting to know the dealers in so many incredible shops in Smith’s Grove after we moved there from MT. It’s northeast of Bowling Green so if you get a chance go to Smith’s Grove give yourself a treat.
    We live in Western CO now west of Grand Junction and it can’t hold a candle to KY and TN for antiquing. I couldn’t take the climate in KY but boy do I miss the antiquing.

  8. Collette says:

    If you head back there, see about emailing and catching up with Linsey Hasenbank from LLH Designs blog…she is a true daughter of God and just moved to the area and is needing to make new friends. She’s a gem, you might find you share a similar eye for design and a similar aesthetic. Here’s here link :

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