Winter Open Shelves & A Sponsor!

It was time to change up the shelves a bit for winter . . . 
I like having the mirror placed on the right-hand side (I won’t keep it there forever) because it reflects the light coming in through our dining room windows.  Considering how gray it is outside most days of the winter, I’ll take all the light I can get!
Of course the mirror also reflects me, too.  Hi Guys!

I switched out the ribbon covered spools from Christmas and replaced them with a bird nest, changed the runner on the buffet with a black one covered with snowflakes, added some greenery and another cutting board.  

We love having a mini bar up in our dining room.  I haven’t showed you our basement family room yet, but we have a full bar down there.  But this – this makes it a little too convenient to make ourselves a nightcap since it’s right in front of us!

The new cutting board peeking out on the lower shelf on the right is NOT antique, however.  It’s Threshold brand from Target.  Have you seen their stuff?  It’s fantastic!
I decided to add a little greenery to our farm table too.  I added a few candles to a wooden box and surrounded them with mood moss.  I think I’m missing Spring instead of embracing Winter, don’t you?

I’m also super excited to announce that The Ironstone Nest has its first sponsor: Red Barn Candle Company!  Woo hoo!  Please stop by to say hello to Amanda & have a look around her lovely blog.  One of her most recent posts really hit home for me, but she has a lot of fantastic DIY projects, recipes & crafts too!  I know you’ll really love her!  Thank you for sponsoring The Ironstone Nest, Amanda.  I’m super happy that you’re here with us!

Oooh, and I don’t know if you follow The Ironstone Nest on Facebook or not, but in case you don’t, I wanted to show you my most recent purchase:

Isn’t she lovely?  The hubby is on his way right now to pick her up.  I’ll dress her up with some new knobs and a fresh coat of light blue paint on the inside.  She’s going to look gorgeous showing off our growing collection of ironstone!

Now.  Where to put her . . . hmm?  I’m thinking of rearranging our living room just for her.  We shall see . . .

What have you purchased lately that you’re really excited about?  Tell me.  Tell me!!
Thank you for reading!



  1. I Loveeee the moss and the little wreath with the chalkboard sign…

  2. Oh, how lovely! Hmmm, I am excited about your purchases! :) I got a pretty redware and slip decorated bowl for three dollars.

    My find of the year though was a huge Meakin platter, its mark on the back matches the one from the late 1800’s. It doesn’t have any chips that I can see, but awesome crazing. And what did I pay? 3 bucks! I was thinking about selling it on eBay, but I wouldn’t even know how to package it- it’s big! So maybe a fun spring centerpiece with greens against the white?

    But seriously, everything looks gorgeous. You have such an eye for balance!!!! Love it!


  3. LOVELY! I just love your shelves!

  4. Doesn’t just everything look great with Ironstone?? I am a fan of it too, my favorite pieces are the pitchers and rectangle or square platters, hard to find. Can’t wait to see what you do with your new cabinet. It is a cutie!! Paula-Windmill Farm

  5. Your buffet and open shelves are so pretty!

  6. Awww….I love it all. :) Congrats on the sponsor too!

  7. Oh, heavenly DROOL! What a beautiful display. I love your buffet and love LOVE your cabinet! BRAVO!!

  8. Thank you s much, my sweet friend! :)

    I am in LOVE with this buffet. It looks absolutely beautiful!

    Have a lovely weekend and chat soon.


    Amanda :)

  9. Love the redo, love your blog and love the cabinet! CONGRATULATIONS on your first sponsor! Being new to the blogging world, one month to be exact, I hope to attain sponsors someday too! Care to share your secret?

    Yours is the blog I most look forward to reading each day!

  10. There are so many furniture buying mistakes that can negatively impact the enjoyment that should be yours when you buy furniture. furniture stores brentwood tn

  11. I am so inspired by your decorating! Where did you get those shelves? Thank you!

  12. Hi Jenny, thank you so much. I keep doing what I do in the hopes it will inspire someone and I’m glad it was you :) We bought the corbels at Home Depot and then used pine boards for the actual shelves.

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