My Word of the Year 2013

I’ve taken a little blog owner license the past couple of weeks by choosing not to host the Transformation Tuesday Link Party because I wanted to take a break for a couple of weeks during the holidays.  But for all of you lovely loyal linkers, Transformation Tuesday will return to its regularly scheduled programming next week on January 15th and I’ll be looking forward to seeing all of your amazingness.  Yep, trust me, amazingness is a word.  At least it is now.

For 2012, I chose the word “surrender” (and it really is a word!).  It ended up being the perfect word for the year.  So many things happened last year that really forced me to surrender and doing so helped me navigate through the year in a very healthy way.

This year the word has chosen me:

This lovely word was hung on our inspirational New Year Tree

Let me explain.
How many times have you said: “oh, if I only had that”, “oh, if I had only said this”, “oh, if I only had more time”, “oh if only _______ “.  Blah, blah, blah.  It’s bad for our soul!  It’s toxic to our hearts!  It steals the joy right out of the moment.
As a blogger, I had a rough year.  I fell into the trap of comparison (the ultimate thief of joy).  I lost the drive to do this on many occasions because I was paying way too much attention to what others were doing (or not doing) and thought so many times “oh I’ll never be that good”, or “wow, I’m not sure I can write that well”, “my pictures don’t look like hers”, or “I’ll never have that many followers”.  Do any of you know what I’m talking about?  

As a mother, that little voice creeps in once in a while saying “if only you had done this”, or “maybe I should have done ____ differently”, or “if only I had read that one book I’d know exactly what to do”, or “if only I had spent more time doing _____”.  I’ve spent too much time and energy beating myself up in my head that I could be missing out on the moment with a beautiful little human that’s standing right in front of me.
As a woman, too many times I start hearing “if only your stomach was tighter”, “if only my hair looked like that”, or “if only I looked as great as she does”, “if only I could look good in that”, or “if only I had her house”.  Are you getting my point?
Well, in 2013, I’m vowing to STOP THE MADNESS!
In 2013, when I hear that little devil on my shoulder start to whisper in my ear, I’m going to replace it with loving, kind, gentle, appreciative thoughts.  I’m vowing to maintain perspective.  I’m going to be grateful for my voice, for these thighs, for our house, for the not-so-perfect parenting moments with our children, for hair that’s not perfect, for the fact that I can walk and for every. single. moment. that. I. can.
I’m going to stop looking outside and spend more time in 2013 looking inward for what’s really important and BE THANKFUL.
Thank you for reading!


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  1. With such a great attitude you will surely have lots to be grateful for in 2013! Terrific word!

  2. Laura that is such a powerful word. I just started a Gratitude party on Sundays at my blog! I hope you will think about joining in! I think we’ve all fallen into the ‘trap’ am I good enough, why don’t my photos look like that, etc. I did 30 days of Gratitude in Nov and it changed me…
    hugs, Linda

  3. Love your Word for 2013!! Mine is Joy! After having a bit of a difficult year, I will try to find Joy in whatever comes my way this year.


  4. That is my word for this year too. I am keeping a journal for each day of this year of what I have to be thankful for. I think it will keep me aware of looking for those things about which to be grateful and not to complain and be content with what God has provided for me. Focus on Him and His goodness.

  5. Gratitude is a spiritual key to manifesting a better world.

  6. What a great post, very inspiring and causing this person to look inward more also. Sometimes being together 24/7 is hard on hubs and me. I know I need to cherish him much more than I do, need to not let petty things take over my love and appreciation for him. He had a stroke 10-10, he came out of it pretty well but I need to remind myself of how awful life would be without him. He tries so hard to please and sometimes has a problem with processing simple tasks.
    I’m so lucky to have him in my life and for him to be able to do so much. We’ve been married 44 yrs. as of 11/30, he married me with 3 small children and we had one of our own. I’ve problems with depression which he has hung in there with me. I need to remember I’m a very lucky woman. Thank you for making me take a look at what I need to. God Bless you dear

  7. Love your word for 2013 mine is going to be Slow Down!


  8. Laura, Thank you so much for sharing this at my word of the year link party. I love your word. Gratitude. It is sometime so easily forgotten, but is so important. To realize all the blessings we have in life rather than comparing ourselves to others or always think about the things we need / want. I love all the sayings in your post too. x

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