20 Things

1.  I’m really exhausted and should be sleeping instead of writing this list.

2.  After having 3 kids in 3 years, I feel like I’m finally at a point where I’m beginning to feel like myself again.

3.  My first “new” car (as in never driven by anyone else, monthly payments new) was a white Geo Metro (I was 19).  I think I could have lifted that car with one hand.  And to save myself some money, I opted out of air conditioning.  Stupidest. idea. EVER.

4.  Moss green is my favorite accent color.

5.  Our Golden Retriever, Presley, will be 9 this year and she’s becoming more and more white around her eyes and mouth by the day.  But it doesn’t matter because she’s going to live forever!  Right?  Just say yes.

6.  I saw this picture today and it makes me want to cut my hair like this again:


7.  My favorite dessert is Tiramisu.

8.  My second favorite dessert is the classic American apple pie.

9.  I really should be sleeping.

10.  We’re currently wrestling with the decision if, and where, to send our oldest to school next year.  The biggest part of the decision is the “if”.

11.  The Ironstone Nest has officially made the decision (and decided on a date) to host another vintage sale in the Spring right here at our Nest.

12.  Speaking of Spring, I’m grateful that we have a warm home, but I’m really looking forward to the return of the warm weather!  Which also means the return of garage sales, open air markets and flea markets.  Yay!

13.  The hubby and I did a 3-day-detox a couple of weeks ago and it was interesting, but we’re really glad we did.  We feel amazing!

14.  I heard from a doctor friend of ours that cases of the flu are supposed to peak/spike next week, so please do whatever you can to take precautions so you don’t, or anyone you love doesn’t, get sick.  M’kay?

15.  All this talk about school for our oldest has me freaking out because the next thing I know they’ll all be driving, graduating and leaving for college.  Ahhhhhh!  I realize I have a long way until then, but it suddenly feels like time with them is going by in a flash.  And. I. don’t. like. it. one. bit!

16.  This chamomile tea I’m drinking is lovely.

17.  This pretty much sums up my attitude lately:


18.  Wait.  That’s my attitude every day.  What am I talking about?  I love cookies.  Have I mentioned that before?  (*smile*)

19.  I’ve met some incredible, I mean incredible, people in the past few months.  I’m ridiculously grateful that our paths have crossed.

20.  I wish you a very happy weekend.  May your worries be small and your joy be HUGE!

Thank you for reading!




  1. Great list Laura! Thanks for sharing it – even if you should have been sleeping!
    and when you say ‘if’ you send your oldest to school do you mean you may homeschool or do you mean you may just wait a year? I could share some thoughts on both subjects if you want to hear them!

  2. 1. Until I realized that is a photo off Pinterest of Jenny Garth, I thought it was YOU dressed up for some gala event. It looks like you.
    2. Tiramasu is awesome.
    3. Yay! about your spring sale. Unless there’s some emergency, I will be there.
    4. The time you want to spend with Presley, and your children while they’re still at home is precisely why your motto is so good for you. Live in the moment, don’t spend a lot of time contemplating future stuff, good advice for all of us but hard to live by!

  3. I love #20!!


  4. Laura, boy do I hear you on #10. We’re wrestling with the same decision, and it’s *agonizing*, especially since Punk is such an extrovert. I think I know what I *want* to do, but I’m having a hard time making sure my reasons are the right ones, and that what I want is what is right for her!

  5. I love lists like these! Seriously, they’re my favorite. Haha and a lot of these made me laugh. I’m totally all about eating cookies when something is unpleasant…. which happens a couple of times a day. But hey – it’s an excuse to eat more cookies. I’m not complaining ;)

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