Fall and Some Fun News!

Fall has delightfully found its way into our home.  The shelves in our dining room typically look like this:
But with the addition of some touches of Fall, they now look like this:
They’ve been decorated like this for a while, but every day it’s been too gray to take any natural light pictures.  As you can see from these poor photos, today is no different around here.  If I continue to wait for a sunshiny day, I’d never get to show this to you.  That’s life in the Midwest for ya’!

I bought the turkey transferware and this awesome subway art from a new friend of mine and I look forward to telling you more about her next week.

As for the “fun news” part of this post, I’m on my way to decorate the studio of a photographer friend of mine again this year.  I’m so honored that she asked to me come back and not only that, but she recommended me (me!) to another local business owner and now I’m decorating his storefront window for Christmas this year too!  I’m lovin’ it!  I never imagined I’d be decorating store fronts for the holidays, but I love putting displays together and being a blogger can be funny like that.  You never know what might result from your posts!  Of course, I’ll snap some photos to share with you!
Well, I best be going.  Decorating I will go . . .
Thank you for reading!



  1. SWOON!!! This is just beautiful! In fact, I pinned it! :)

  2. Laura love your buffet! Beautiful vignette! Congratulations that is wonderful! How fun too!

  3. Really love the look!


  4. Your fall decor is lovely! And so exciting that you get to do the decorating! I’ve done some of my friends homes in the past and would love the opportunity to do more Christmas decorating!

  5. Your fall touches are very subtle and pretty! I love your buffet! A really great photographer friend told me to set my ISO at 400 when I’m not getting s lot of light and it has worked out well. I’m in the Midwest, too. How about some sun!

    Have fun with your decorating…what an honor!


  6. I always enjoy what you do!! I just love your style.
    Oregon here, so I understand the take a picture now, or the world could end by the time the sun shines. Frustrating to say the least.

  7. I love your decorating! The shelves look wonderful and I absolutely love the transferware! I hear you on the difficulty taking pictures–we have had a very gloomy autumn in the northeast, too.


  8. Your dining area looks wonderful… before AND after…!!!

    Have fun decorating the studio!!


  9. It’s so pretty Laura! Now we want to see pics of the windows you do; I know they’ll be GREAT!


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