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Junk Bonanza 2012 with Photos and a Giveaway Winner

Ahh Junk Bonanza.  What can I say?  It’s an A-MAY-ZING show.  I’ve never seen anything like it, except in magazines!  The vendors pull out all the stops, put up some jaw-dropping displays and definitely bring the junk!

I had an early bird ticket again this year and my sister-in-law decided to come along with me (to my delight) at the last minute so I made my way to the ticket window shortly after we arrived at 7 am to purchase her ticket.  On my way back to my spot in line, I ran into some friends who had also made the drive from Wisconsin.  It was a delightful surprise.  I also spotted Ki Nassauer walking the line and saying hello to everyone, so I stopped and chatted with her for a moment and asked if we could take a picture together.  She politely agreed:

It was a great start to an absolutely fantastic day.
If you ever have the chance to attend this show, please DON’T MISS IT.  You won’t regret making the trip.  It’s totally worth it.  And if you do go, here are my tips: (1) purchase an early bird ticket – it’s part of the excitement, it gets you in to shop with breathing room for a couple of hours, and it’s good for admission to all 3 days; (2) be prepared to be completely overstimulated when you walk in – so if you know the vendors you want to see, map them out and go directly to them when you get in, otherwise it’s easy to get caught in the traffic flow and be stuck in the first row and only the first few vendors; (3) stay away from the door when the public arrives at 10 am on the first day – it is complete and utter chaos and it’s not a scenario for the claustrophobic; (4) attend all 3 days if you can – the vendors regularly restock and rearrange their spaces, so it pays to stick around and revisit each day, a couple of times a day if you can; (4) bring a camera – if you can multitask by shopping and snapping pics, it’s worth it – inspiration is everywhere!
But I’ll stop yapping now and let the pictures do the rest of the talking . . . 


I snapped this picture and didn’t even see what was right in front of me – an antique shoe rack – which I’ve been wanting forever!  That happened a lot.  I got home and looked at all of the pictures I took and saw things in the photos I don’t even remember seeing when I was there.  There’s SO much going on that it’s easy to do!

Please meet Beth Bright from Blue Star Collections – she and I chatted for a bit about blogs, the art of blogging
and a little bit about junk.  She gave me some great insight, advice and a little encouragement.
Thanks Beth!  I truly appreciated our chat!

I stopped by to say hello to my very good and talented friends from 3 Wren Street when
Kim Yaeger (Lark Nest Designs/Flea Market Style Magazine) also stopped by during that time
so I jumped at the photo opportunity!

Love the trucks as business card holders!
Now that’s a lot of silver!!

This is the VERY funny and talented Judy from Rhubarb Co. Store (there is no website on her business card).
I bought so much from her last year that she remembered me right away.  I’m not sure that’s a good thing :-)

Antique levels as picture ledges.  I love it!
And this is my very sweet, kind & talented friend, Jan, from Gracie’s Cottage.  She also sets up at the Elkhorn Flea Market and if you’ve been following my blog, you know that I love that flea market.
I’m always so busy chatting with her that I forget to take pictures of her incredible displays!
But I did manage to get one picture this year (below). 
And I can’t forget to announce the winner of the Hammers & Heels Giveaway:
Comment # 8 – Jennifer Marrs from Fours Marrs and One Venus
Congratulations!  Please send me an email (theironstonenest@yahoo.com) with your address and we’ll get that adorable cloche terrarium to you right away!

Thank you for reading!




  1. Holy Smokes— is it my Birthday?!!! WOW!! I am thrilled over here– thank you so so much! And great photos up there by the way!! Whoohoo!

  2. Wow! I think I’d be so overwhelmed I’d end up not buying anything – or overspending so badly my hubby wouldn’t let me come home!!

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