Ampersand Pillow

I went to a church rummage sale a couple of weeks ago and came home with a car full of goodies.  One of them was this unwanted, unloved, plain jane, off white pillow:

I liked it because it has a grain sack texture to it.

It needed a good wash, but that was the only thing wrong with it that I could tell.  I tossed the pillow cover in the wash and it came out like new.  But I knew this pillow could be so much more . . . I knew it had potential to be a statement pillow.

Have you seen the large, gold letters at Hobby Lobby?  I have a couple of the letters, but I also have an ampersand, and I decided it would be perfect for this project.

All I did, once the pillow was washed, was trace the ampersand onto the pillow cover with a Sharpie marker (why make it complicated when it can be as easy as a Sharpie?):

I had some silk screening paint in my paint stash, so I grabbed a paint brush and went to work.

I dispensed some paint from the tube onto the paint brush wrapper (I was in a hurry, what can I say?), but I would recommend dispensing it onto a paper plate instead.  I realize this is an improper way to use the paint, but I’ve never been one to play by the rules anyways.

I dabbed my brush into the paint and carefully painted in the ampersand symbol, being careful to stay within the lines.  Good thing I paid attention in kindergarten!

You can see the grain sack texture of the pillow in this picture.  Love it!

Once it was all filled in, I let it air dry over the back of a chair, and then after 72 hours, I tossed it back in the wash and voila:

Another easy trash to treasure transformation is complete!  Yay!  And I’m celebrating the fact that I was actually able to get a project done.  Go me!

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  1. Laura,
    What a fun transformation! Looks great on your chair too!

  2. LOVE it!! I usually give myself a good pat on the back for finishing projects too! :) Go YOU!

  3. this turned out great Laura! so impressed- and jealous- that you finished something. and aren’t church sales the best.

  4. BRAVO!!! I love that you did it! And yes, now that is a statement pillow. Just love a complete project. You’ve inspired me!!! ;)

  5. :) YAY!! Go you indeed! It’s very cute and I just love the ampersand!

  6. Wow! Fab!


  7. LOVE it!

  8. OOOOh! I like it!

  9. I want one! Great idea :)

  10. Great idea! Thanks for the tutorial!

    Ashleigh @

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