What I Don’t Need . . .

. . . is another wood box!

I’ll be heading to a huge church rummage sale today, a barn sale this Saturday and a flea market on Sunday and I need to avoid buying another one of any of these:

Just look at the character and charm of this one . . . 
But they’re so pretty, aren’t they?
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Looking at all of these pictures is making me want another one.
How about the writing on this one:
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Oooh, or on these:
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And they have so many pretty uses:
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No.  I can’t do it!  They keep drawing me in and I must resist their temptation.
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Because our garage now looks something like this:
And I’m not joking.  I just haven’t been able to resist a good wooden box with character.  Until now!
Well, at least I’ll try.
What vintage item do you have too many of, but just can’t seem to resist every time you see one?  Please tell me I’m not alone in this.  Please.
Thank you for reading!



  1. wow I need some of your boxes! I have been thinking about attaching some to wall in our new mudroom space for storage…I could create my whole mudroom with that collection :)

  2. Love your collection!

  3. I totally agree! I love wooden boxes, crates, totes, etc. They have so much character and so much potential for uses.

    I guess we can just tell ourselves that it needs to be really special for us to buy another one. Have fun looking and deciding!!

  4. Looks like I need another box. Those pictures inspired me to keep my eyes open for some of my own. Really beautiful pictures.

  5. I would take any of those! I have one or two but I’m always searching for affordable boxes and crates. I don’t have too much of anything yet but I keep trying! :)

  6. because they ARE gorgeous! love them all! mmmmmmm – i’m with you

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi – My name’s Denise and I’m a linen addict.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have too many of anything, my husband on the other hand, would say something different. luv the boxes :)

  9. Laura – I am so with you on this one! I have never passed one up (reasonable priced, of course!), but I use them all!!!
    You have a great collection…


  10. Laura, Pull yoursself together! You can never have too many great boxes, and the same goes for baskets. In fact you can insert any noun that fits in the above sentence.

  11. Laura, please share….where is this huge church rummage sale ? :o) Please give us all the details so we can buy the boxes! Carol

  12. too funny! Just discovered your blog and the first thing I see is my photo! Thanks! xoxo, Melaine

  13. I’m not gonna lie…I have a weekness for wooden boxes myself. I take them home and then don’t do anything with them. I’m acutally grateful for your addiction, because all the pictures you posted have inspired me to do something with mine! LOL!!

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