I’m Feeling Hungry

Chasing two toddlers and taking care of a newborn has my tummy rumbling most of the time these days because it’s hard to sit down and eat a proper meal.  Most of my meals are eaten standing up and one-handed.  You moms out there know what I’m talking about?

There were some great food posts this week and they had me drooling all over my keyboard.  Maybe I should have been eating instead of spending time on the computer, ey?  Well, regardless, I thought I’d share of few of them with you:

Everyone knows I love a good cookie and now I’ll need to try this recipe from All Things Thrifty.

My favorite kind of sandwich is a hot one with melted cheese and

this one from Six Sisters Stuff looks incredible!

Although I don’t have children going off to school just yet, I think these cupcakes from
Bee in Our Bonnet are cute as can be, don’t you?

And my bloggy friend, Sasha a/k/a Lemonade Makin’ Mama, made these
gorgeous Gluten Free Andes Mint Chocolate Cupcakes.  Aren’t they pretty?
Geez, most of these recipes are for baked goods.  Hmm?  Hi, my name is Laura and I’m a sweet treat addict!
Thank you for reading!



  1. Yum! Now you have me all hungry and drooling :) Good thing it’s almost dinnertime and I have stuff in the crockpot!

  2. Aah, the recipes sound great.

  3. You are so cute. I too am a sweet treat addict. :)

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