It’s Giveaway Time!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a giveaway, but we’ve got a lot to celebrate this week (including the 4th of July holiday!) so it seems like the perfect time to shower you with goodies!

It’s an all ALL BLUE themed giveaway in honor of the birth of our son.  We are so incredibly happy and blessed to have had another healthy child.  We do not take it for granted.  We understand how lucky we really are and it’s definitely cause for a celebration!

Also, The Ironstone Nest passed a few milestones within this last week that have me over-the-moon excited:

  • Over 200 “Likes” on Facebook
  • 300 Followers on Pinterest
  • Over 350 Google Followers
  • Over 250 Email Subscribers
I pinch myself every time I look at those numbers!  And they continue to grow every day!  It really solidifies for me that I made the right decision to start this blog.  I would be doing these projects anyways, but I decided a little over a year ago to share them with you.  In my second blog post, To Blog or Not to Blog, I stated:  ” . . . I will share with you what I do and what I love.  If you like it, I’ll be tickled.”  Well, I’m tickled all right.  Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!
Okay.  Enough rambling from me, right?  Let’s get on with the giveaway, shall we?
Here is what you will receive if you win, pictured below from left to right:
  • Verbena scented Olive Oil Bath Soap (I am a sucker for fancy soap)
  • Sea Salt & Ginger scented candle (because you can never have too many candles)
  • an antique blue Ball jar (because everyone needs a blue Ball jar)
  • 10 Count Set of the most adorable Thank You cards (having a good Thank You card on hand is always useful)
  • a sample pack of Archer Farms Kona Blend coffee (because coffee rocks!)
  • and a sweet, little blue mug to enjoy it in! (just because)




I wish you could smell the soap and candle through your monitor.
I cannot tell you how amazing they smell!!  You will LOVE these!




There are multiple chances to win.  Here’s how to enter…
For one entry, become a follower of this blog and leave a comment letting me know you are.

For a second entry, leave a comment here telling me about your plans for the 4th of July holiday.
For a third chance to win, “Like” The Ironstone Nest on Facebook and leave a comment letting me know you have.
For a fourth entry, mention this giveaway on YOUR Facebook page providing a link to this post so your friends can enter it themselves, and leave another comment letting me know you have.
For a final entry, mention this giveaway in a blog post of yours, and leave one last comment with a link to your post letting me know you mentioned it.
AND . . . here’s the kicker . . .
Make sure your friends and/or followers mention in their comment(s) here that they were referred by YOU, BECAUSE . . . if that person wins this giveaway and YOU referred them, not only will they win the giveaway shown above, but BOTH OF YOU will also receive a $10 Target gift card!  Yep!  Both of you win!
This giveaway is only open to readers in the lower 48 US states and those over the age of 18.  The giveaway will close Sunday, July 8, at midnight CST.  A winner will be chosen by and announced on Monday, July 9.  Good luck everyone!  And thank you again for being here!
Thank you for reading and Happy 4th of July!!


  1. I follow you!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  2. I follow you on Facebook!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  3. I have simplye plans for the 4th – clean, yard sale, and paint. The perfect day :o)
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  4. I posted about this giveaway on my Facebook page!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  5. Nice giveaway! And blue is one of my favorite colors! I am already a follower of your blog.

  6. Our plans? Well, right now we’re on vacation at the beach!

  7. I am a follower! Great giveaway!

  8. Spending the day with my daughter and her husband eating and visiting. Happy 4th of July!

  9. congrats honey on your wonderful growth – celebration indeed! We’re having a wonderful summer day (breakfast together; working on the farm; getting projects done; probably a swim later & who knows what else!!!) xo

  10. shared your lovely giveaway package on fb – keeping my fingers crossed!

  11. been following via rss & now via linky too!

  12. I am a new follower!

  13. My plans for the 4th of July are working. I work 2-10 at a Nursing Home in the Dementia/Alzheimers Unit!

  14. I “like” your facebook page!

  15. I shared on my face book page. My Face book page is under Sandi Allen.
    Thanks for the chance!

  16. I found your Blog through Northern Cottage.

  17. Just became a follower. Would love to win this wonderful giveaway.

  18. I follow you! Love your ironstone collection.

  19. I shared your giveaway link on facebook.

  20. I just liked you on facebook. Wish I’d known you were on there sooner!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. And for the fourth, I’ll be working night shift at our local 911 center, but my squad is doing a potluck, so I’m making brownies.

  23. already follow your blog and love it!

  24. Family plans for the 4th —- did have a thunderstorm this afternoon — our fireworks!

  25. FB “liked” —- :)

  26. I’m a follower :)

  27. Our 4th is/will be pretty low key. We’re trying to stay cool in this texas heat and might head out in a bit for some fishing :)

  28. I am a follower of your and have been on FB so love your blog

  29. I’m already a follower :) pick me!

  30. I like you…..I really, really like you :)FB!!!

  31. I am also a subscriber to your blog! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  32. Very sweet giveaway. I’m happy to be a follower. Thanks for the chance!


  33. For the Fourth, our family spent the day in downtown Philadelphia – the very birthplace of our wonderful Country!

  34. I read your blog and enjoy your posts. Quite 4th with the fam! Pick me!

  35. I am a follower…..pick me!

  36. I am a follower via GFC
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  37. My husband and I sat outside on our patio and watched the neighborhood fireworks. low key but enjoyable :)
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  38. I like your fb page
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  39. What an awesome giveaway…that I would love to win…I’m a happy follower:)


  40. I “like” your facebook page:)


  41. I spent the 4th at the lake with my family…it was a wonderful family day!!!


  42. I follow your blog! :)

  43. We had a VERY mellow 4th this year. Two of our daughters were gone and so the youngest daughter and her fiance’ came over for dinner and we watched the neighbors shoot fireworks while sitting out in our field.

  44. I just liked you on facebook. MelodyRobyOlson

  45. i follow you on gfc (memoma)
    mermont84 at

  46. i like The Ironstone Nest on Facebook (meredith montgomery)
    mermont84 at

  47. I follow your blog!

  48. We had a great 4th of July!

  49. I subscribed to your blog!

  50. I liked you on Facebook.

  51. On the 4th, my sister and family, and our parents were visiting my in So California. We had a great time at a park watching the fireworks!

  52. I shared about your giveaway on my facebook page.

  53. I subscribe to your blog. Congratulations – awesome giveaway!!! Count me in :)

  54. I follow you on Facebook :)

  55. This year’s 4th was a little different… spent a quiet day at home with just my husband. We cooked out and watched the John Adams mini series. The history teacher in my loved it :)

  56. Congrats on hitting all those exciting milestones, Laura! I’m a happy follower. :)

  57. So, even though it’s *after* the 4th, I’ll share what we did anyway: picked blueberries, attended the tiny local 4th of July parade, made patriotic cake pops, and then watched fireworks! It was a great day!


  58. I liked The Ironstone Nest on FB…so glad to have the opportunity to win all these lovely blue items!


  59. Girl I’ve been a follower for a long time now! You’re awesome!!

  60. Our 4th wasn’t quite what I had planned, but as we were sitting on my husbands truck, my youngest 2 children said it was the best 4th of July ever…. Wow! Talk about perspective!!!!. We spent the day at the pool and then once it got to be twilight, husband set off fireworks as well as most of our neighbors, so we had quite a display! God bless America!
    Hope you had a wonderful day, too.

  61. I am a follower; your blog is awesome and I love the ideas.

  62. Our 4th of July holiday was very quiet. Hubby worked on the farm and I just relaxed. This weekend we are having a nice bbq and some friends over. A little belated, but sometimes that’s how it goes.

  63. I am following you!

  64. Our July 4th plans basically involved staying at home and going onto our porch when the fire works started going off. We needed a low-key holiday!

  65. Liked you on fb.

  66. Oh, and my friend Wendy showed me the giveaway.

  67. I already follow! ;o)

  68. And 4th of July…Hmmm….I stayed home…the hubs worked and I cleaned closets. Woohoo!!! So exciting, huh??

  69. I already like you on Facebook, too!

  70. And I mentioned it on Facebook before I even knew that would get my an extra entry! Hahaha!

  71. I follow you on Facebook!

  72. Just added myself as a follower.

  73. For July 4th, I mod-podged some maps to stretched canvases to hang in the living room. Patriotic, no?!

  74. I just subscribed to emails and follow you.

  75. My grandma passed away on June 30th. A lot of family is from out of state, so we spent the 4th visiting and telling stories. For such a sad time, it was so much fun to have everyone together!

  76. I am a follower of your blog.

  77. I also like you on Facebook. So glad I found your blog…I love your style!

  78. I made peach jelly on the fourth.

  79. I “like” the ironstone nest on facebook.

  80. I follow u via email

  81. I cleaned on the 4th! Lol

  82. I follow you! :)

  83. Like you on FB!

  84. On the 4th we bbq’d then walked downtown to our small town parade. :) Congratulations on the birth of your son and the fun milestones with your blog

  85. I am a follower.. Nice giveaway and Congratulations!

  86. Like you on Facebook..

  87. Ive been a follower for a little while now & love getting the emails notifying me of your new posts!

  88. I”ll spend it with family.What a nice give away..I’d love to win!

  89. Natalie says:

    Just discovered your site when I was on the Miss Mustard Seed site and I love your site. So I will be exploring more great ideas from all your ingenious projects and then work on my own projects armed with those ideas. Thanks!

  90. Dawn Bridges says:

    I now follow you!

  91. Dawn Bridges says:

    I liked you on FB!

  92. Dawn Bridges says:

    For the 4th; we will be gathering with family at the lake to ski, play, relish family time together, be forever grateful for and pray for the good old US of A!!!!! Good Times!!

  93. Dawn Bridges says:

    BTW–Congrats on your exciting opening! I found you b/c MMS gave you a shout out on her blog! Sweet! :D

  94. I follow you on Pinterest

  95. I liked you on Facebook

  96. Kim DeRusha says:

    Beautiful shop! If I didn’t live in GA I would definitely come visit!! I am so excited to be following your blog. You like just my style!!

  97. The ‘Fourth’? How about the Ist? We are heading to PHX tomorrow to meet our 12th Grandchild Siegfried Patrick ( named for his two Grandfathers now ‘on the other side’). We r So excited!! We will be back for the Fourth and will head to Indy to spend time w some of our fav. local ‘Grands”! It’s ALL about the ‘Grands’!! Nothing better.
    Sorry I can’t like or follow you on Facebook because I am taking a summer ‘sabbatical’ from F.B. so I can start my vintage business sewing and painting furniture.. so far I am only getting baby blankets and pillows made for the ‘ Grands’! Fund you via ‘Miss Mustard Seed’ who is a staple to my inspiration> Thanks for your encouragement.

  98. Nancy Avra says:

    I just found your blog this week through another one that I follow – MMS. I wish I was close enough to come take classes but Arkansas isn’t that close! I’m looking forward to following your journey.

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