A Few Living Room Updates

Oh geez, remember those angel wings I purchased for the living room and later regretted?

Well, I returned them.  I had to.  A lot of you had some great suggestions of other places I could have used them, like the nursery, but I honestly just couldn’t do it.  No matter what I did with them, I didn’t like them.  It was worth returning them and getting the money back, then to keep them and wait for the moment to arrive when the perfect spot appeared.
Instead, I found something that fits my style, and the room, much better.  Take a look:

Old barn doors!!

Just look at those perfectly rusty handles:

I stopped at a house along the road on my way of out of town after visiting the Elkhorn Flea Market, and I was really glad I did.  I bought these doors ($60 for the pair), and the wire basket ($15) that I redid for our patio, from the lovely owners of the home.  I bought more from them than I did at the flea market that day.
I brought the doors home to our nest, gave them a good wash of bleach and soapy water, rinsed them well, left them out for a day to dry and then into our nest they came.  We love them!  And now, should the opportunity ever arise, I have barn doors to use in a doorway!  I’m thrilled!

We also recently added these lovely sewing drawers to the entertainment center, as well.  They hold remote controls and other unsightly what-nots that make their way on top of the TV.

I originally intended on painting them in Annie Sloan Louis Blue and then adding a coat of Annie Sloan Old White over that and distressing them.  However, I’ve decided to leave them untouched for now.  They have lovely character and great dimension so I’m going to live with them like this for a while.

Also added to the living room within the last month is a tiny collection of antique molding bought at flea markets over the years, along with a few decorative metal pieces I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

Every. time. I. see. that. chair. I. want. to. recover. it!  You’re fine for now, Chair, but someday you’ll get a makeover, my pretty!

I love all of these little additions.  The room is really beginning to come together, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.  My friend likes to encourage me by saying that the Taj Mahal wasn’t built in a day.  While this certainly isn’t the Taj Mahal, I still wish it were complete!

Thank you for reading!


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  1. Love the doors! It’s always best to listen to your gut! When it comes to decorating are we ever truly done….the answer is NO! Your space is looking great Laura.

  2. Those doors are great! Vintagey and rustic and a whole lot of character. good purchase!!

  3. Love the door!

  4. barn doors love!

  5. I love the antique molding! I never would have thought to decorate like that with it, but it’s a great look! Really love your updates!

  6. I have the exact same drawer on my coffee table that I got from my mom. The inside was a little musty, so I got a pretty scrapbook paper and lined the inside. I have old skeleton keys on a ring and some mini-photo albums tucked inside.

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