Adorable Doors – A Guest Post

I have another wonderful guest post for you today.  Kristin has created an adorable project for you, especially if you have little ones at home.  I can see these used in a child’s room as a tooth fairy door!  I just love the idea!  Thank you so much for sharing your project, Kristin, and thank you for helping me out while we’re on a little hiatus with a little wee one.  It’s a pleasure to have you here!

Please be sure to stop by Kristin’s blog, A Vintage Fairy, and show her some love, won’t you?

Hi Everyone!  It’s so nice to be here at The Ironstone Nest today.  I’m Kristin and blog over at A Vintage Fairy.  For those of you who don’t know me, I blog about bringing love and new life to furniture and accessories with a touch of paint, and fairy dust.  Our family has a love of fairy magic.  I share some of our fairy things every friday on Fairy Friday.  

When Laura asked for guest bloggers for while she is snuggling with a newborn, I immediately thought it would be fun to share my newest fairy doors.  

A fairy door is an easy way for the tooth fairy, house fairy, chore fairy, elf on the shelf or any little guest to enter your house.  Bringing a fairy door to the inside of your house helps bring the magic of fairies alive to all.
We have a fairy door on the outside of our house, right near the front door.  This just lets our fairies into our house.  
Another option is to add a fairy door on the inside of the house.  These doors are a great way to bring the magic alive!  Inside, each child can have their own door for fairies.  My kids each have totally different views on how the fairy door should look, attracting fairies unique to each child.
To create these doors I gathered my supplies: unfinished doll house doors (1:12 scale), doll house door knobs, acrylic paint, sand paper, antiquing glaze, model glue (or super glue).
I painted the doors with acrylic craft paint I had on hand.  I then sanded them back to distress and glazed with antiquing glaze.  I then sealed them with water based polyurethane.

I added house numbers with a paint marker.  I then glued on the knobs using model glue.
These doors can then be mounted to the wall.  I used 3M double siding indoor mounting tape.  
To ensure the fairies find your door, you’ll need to sprinkle your new fairy door with fairy dust.

Our fairy dust was made with German glass glitter.  This glitter is the prettiest glitter I have ever seen.  I mixed fine and medium grit silver and white glitter into a small bag.  Once the door is hung, “sprinkle your fairy dust and have a a little faith and trust” and your family’s fairies will find your door.  

The doll house doors I bought were doors that opened in.  Once these doors are mounted humans can’t open them, but the fairies know the secret way!

 I hope this brings you some excitement into fairy magic.  I really enjoy our fairy traditions and hope the magic of it all stays with my kids forever!  Thanks for letting me sprinkle some fairy dust your way!
Thank you for reading!



  1. Thanks for having me Laura. Hope it helped so you could snuggle a little more :)

  2. These are ridiculously cute!! What a whimsical project!

  3. Thanks for introducing us to Kristin, Laura! These fairy doors are adorable–I’m completely smitten! :)

    Hope you and the baby are doing well,
    Carolina Country Living

  4. This is a great post! Thanks for introducing us to The Vintage Fairy!

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