From Drab to Fab – A Guest Post

We have another fantastic guest post for you today, folks!  When I put out the S.O.S. call for guest bloggers, Vicky from Decor & Harmony was also kind enough to jump at the opportunity and help out.  Vicky put together a lovely project for you!  Thank you for helping out, Vicky, while we’re on a little hiatus with a little wee one.  It’s a pleasure to have you here!

Please be sure to stop by Vicky’s blog, Decor & Harmony, and show her some love, won’t you?


Hello to The Ironstone Nest Readers!

How is everyone?  Laura has graciously accepted my request to guest post on her lovely blog.  I’m so excited to be here.  Before we get started on my project, I want to share a few things about me with you.

My name is Vicky and my blog is Decor & Harmony.  I’ve been blogging for about 16 months now and I’m truly enjoying it.  I’ve met the most amazing and talented people.  Blogging is such a great way to express ideas and discover talents you never knew you had.  This has certainly been the case for me.  My blog is very eclectic and once you get there you’ll find: recipes, sewing, upholstery, refinished furniture and a few personal photos of family and friends.  I hope you’ll take a moment and stop by for a visit.  I love meeting new people!
Today’s post is real simple, sometimes we just need simple, don’t we?
I’ve been on the lookout for a small table to use on my front porch for plants.
This space could use a little jazz

I came across this bizarre-looking table or bench and I thought maybe it would work in the space.

Bizarre table – $3
Valspar Tropical Oasis and Krylon White Primer
(which I already had)
And now the fun begins . . . 
Primed and painted
Oh boy, I’m starting to get excited.  Much better, is it not?
I had these pots tucked away in the shed so now they are ready to be used
I bought these flowers for a great price and it’s just what this space needs “a pop of color”

Okay.  Now let’s put it all together, shall we?

Not quite feeling it yet . . . perhaps a little more tweaking

Okay.  The coleus in the corner is a nice touch but . . . 

Okay.  I’m finished.

I love the punch of color from the table.  I think it really gives the space a little kick.

Thank you, Laura, for letting me chit chat at your nest.  I hope that my visit here inspires your readers to do a simple spruce up soon.

Thank you for reading!




  1. Great makeover, Vicky! I love all of your pots and pretty flowers. The leaves on your coleus plant are huge!

  2. Really neat, I loved the color you used and the flowers are beautiful!

  3. Fabulous! What a great color choice. I wish I had your eye for DIY Vicky!

    Quiet Luxury

  4. Hi Vicky,
    love the little bench, it looks teriffic with the flowers!

  5. Great job Vicky! I love the colors!!

  6. Hi Vicky~
    I’m loving your little bench and flowers.
    You created such a happy little moment!

  7. Very pretty! So very bright and cheery Ÿ

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