The Evolution of a Miniature Garden

A miniature gardener is born!  Well, that may be a stretch.  But I sure had fun putting my first mini garden together.  Call me whatever you want (the hubby rolled his eyes at me after it was completed), but it was really no different than putting together a garden in a backyard.  Well, except for the size, the tediousness, the fact that I never broke a sweat digging in it and the price.  But besides all that, it was no different! (*smile*)

If you follow The Ironstone Nest on Pinterest, then you know I have an entire board dedicated to these adorable Miniature Gardens.  I just recently learned about them and have been in awe of them ever since, so I thought I’d try my hand at putting one together.  I took some inspiration from my pins and it all began with two drawers I purchased at an antique market back in April.

The hubby drilled drainage holes in the bottom of both drawers and attached the card catalog drawer to the bottom drawer with L brackets:
I gathered my supplies (most of which were purchased through the Winter Greenhouse):

I began planning out my garden by placing plants and accessories in the drawers where I thought I should plant them:

And then started diggin’ (and for the record, I don’t wear gloves when I’m digging in the dirt):

Yes, that’s a hanging basket you see on the left-hand side of the photo below!  The Winter Greenhouse was sold out of shephards hooks so I made two hooks out of a wire hanger:

Once the first level was planted and accessorized, I turned my attention to Level 2 and continued planting:
And added a birdbath and another hanging basket:
At this point, I was super pleased with how it was coming along, and I was also starting to realize what a dork I really am :-) 

I spread mulch around my “hosta” on the second level.  I went into our backyard and scooped up some of the tiniest bits of mulch I could find to use.  I hadn’t seen mulch used in any of the galleries I’ve seen, so I wanted to do something different.
I even made a sitting bench on the second level out of twigs, hot glue and hemp string because I am just that ridiculous:

And then, as if all that wasn’t enough, I made a ladder to get from the first level to the second level.  Oh yes I did!

I also replaced the original hanging basket I had on the first level with a lantern.

Yes, I’m slightly nuts.  But I think it’s cute.  You do too, right?  Right?
Now we’ll just wait and see how long it lasts.  I’m not sure I can add “landscape architect” to my resume just yet.
If you’re interested in putting one together too (c’mon! you know you want to!), here are some great resources for you:
Miniature Gardening, Hive for the Home (I purchased the mini English garden edging from here)The Mini Garden Guru and Two Green Thumbs (which also has a Facebook page).
If you make a mini garden for yourself, send your photos to and I’ll be happy to feature you in a post!!
Thank you for reading!


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  1. So adorable

  2. I love this! Its so clever and cute it makes me smile :D

  3. Oh my gosh! I cannot even tell you how much I love this. I have a feeling I will be making one of these very, very soon!

  4. You’re not nuts or a dork, Laura. :) This is absolutely charming!

    Carolina Country Living

  5. Very very cute! Just wondering…..what are the plants you used as “hostas” on the second level called? My son brought one home from 1st grade and I have no idea what it is called so I’m not sure how to take care of it :) Thanks so much! Love your blog!

  6. Thank you, all, for the comments and compliments! I had a great time putting it together. I might even do another one :-)

    The “hosta” on the second level is a succulent plant called Hen and Chicks! I bought a 4 inch pot of it and then pulled it apart to place in different spots – even in the hanging basket! Thank you for asking!

    I hope I’ve inspired someone to make one too!

    Have a great day everyone!
    The Ironstone Nest

  7. so cute–thanks for sharing!

  8. a chick in the hanging basket is a very clever new idea to me. I am trying to find bloggers interested in sharing the fairy gardens and things on my fairy fridays. If your interested I’d love to have you write about your little hanging pot!

  9. This is so amazing! I am pinning it and will be featuring on my facebook page tomorrow.. :) Thanks for linking up at friday fun party.. Have a nice weekend!

  10. I used to make a dish garden for my mom. I never thought of using drawer as pot. What a clever idea. I love those mini metal adornment – just perfect for miniature garden.

  11. This idea I must confess is very clever, I would have never thought of making a garden in old drawers, that’s really awesome idea honestly and I love it, will certainly try it out. I am your new fan and follower, if you wish you can visit me and follow, so we can stay tunned in each other’s updates.

  12. LOVE it! They bring a childhood imagination back to life! My grandkids will love imagining with one or two, and we can make up stories together. Can’t wait…
    Has the hubs come around? Don’t dismay if he doesn’t.

  13. I LOVE this! It is adorable….and I don’t think you are a dork at all! So much fun! :)

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