Buyer’s Remorse

If you follow The Ironstone Nest on Facebook, then you know that I frequently post links to items I find that I admire.  Back in early April I shared a link to these beautiful distressed, pair of wood angel wings that I found at Decor Steals, and they are now hanging on the wall in our living room:

And they are HUGE and heavy.  They are 40″ long, made of wood and covered in tin “feathers”.
After initially hanging them, I decided they looked a little odd just sitting there all by themselves, so I was going to take them down and move them to another location.  But before I took them down, I held up a print that used to hang in my Nana’s bedroom, thinking I would hang her print there instead.

I thought “hmm, they actually look nice together”.  So I put on a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White over the frame, we put a nail in between the wings and hung the picture smack dab in the center of the wings.

But after all that, I’ve decided the wings are definitely beautiful and would look excellent in the right room/setting, but not in our room.  In fact, it doesn’t really match my personal taste at all.  (shrug shoulders)  Again, I can appreciate them, but they don’t belong in our nest.
So back in the box they go.  Darnit all!  I hate when that happens.
Have you purchased anything lately that you later regretted bringing home?  If so, what was it?  I’d love to hear about it.
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  1. I bought a green vase looking like milk barrel – tried setting it in different spots, and it was just to big and not going with anything at all, so now it is used as umbrella holder in hallway… :/

  2. I’ve gotten several things recently. It’s not so much that I REGRET them. . . just that I don’t really have a plan for them. I start to get nervous when my imagination outpaces my ability to accomplish potential projects. . . just need a little more TIME – like your Mother’s Day!

  3. Can’t think of anything at this moment but I know I have and it’s fustrating, I don’t know how many times I’ve picked something up and put it down because I’m afraid it just won’t fit!

  4. I think those would look amazing a baby boy’s nursery!

  5. are you going to be selling them?

  6. Oh I’m so sorry Valls Family, but I already returned them to the company I purchased them from. A couple of people were interested in them and I wish I saved them now so they could have gone to a good home :-)

    Thank you for asking, though, and thank you for supporting The Ironstone Nest!
    XO Laura

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