Rescue Boat

It’s been 11 days since we first saw the farmhouse online.  It’s been 9 days since we first saw it in person.  It’s been 2 days since we saw it for a second time and we’re still no closer to a decision than we were 11 days ago when this all began.

Actual photo of the barn on the property with a view of the lake in the distance

The hubby would buy the property tomorrow.  But I’m the one who’s being cautious.  When did I become that person?  I’ve never been one to hesitate.  I’m typically a jump in kind of gal!  My hesitation is not at all related to the house, nor the property.  I love them both.  It’s the town where it’s located that I’m hesitant about.  And I’ve learned through this process that it’s not a small town that intimidates me, it’s actually that small town.  The couple of times we’ve driven through it, I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.  However, there are other small towns in our area that I’d have no problem living in whatsoever.

One minute I’m living in the house in my mind, and the next minute I’m staying put right where we are.  The good news is that we don’t have to move.  We want to move and we really fell in love with the house and the property.  We could do so much with it.  The house, in its current remodeled state, completely suits our taste and it would be so fun to decorate and make into our home.  Also, the property has a ton of potential with its 3 story barn, chicken coop, machine shed and 2 1/2 acre horse pasture.  But I keep coming back to a very minor detail: we have another little munchkin joining our clan in June and the house still needs a lot of work.  It’s actually in “mid-renovation” and it’s being sold by owner “as is”.

Here’s a little glimpse of what they mean by “mid-renovation”:

No trim on any of the doorways and no base boards.

First floor bathroom with no shower doors, no toilet, no sink, no linen closet door

Again, no trim

Upstairs bedrooms with no trim, no base boards, no closet doors,
floors to be refinished and painting to be done.  Not to mention we’d want to turn what is now being used as the laundry room into a bathroom.  Work, work work.

In our defense, I took these pictures.  These pictures are not on the MLS website, so we had to see it for ourselves to know what “mid-renovation” really meant.

We’d also be sharing a driveway with a renting neighbor.  The previous owner owned approximately 10 acres and split it at some point, built another house right next door and now rents it out.  The driveway cuts right through the middle and we’d share it.  Not ideal.

Both of our parents have advised us to stay put.  They don’t think the timing is right, especially after seeing everything that still needs to be done to get it where we’d want it.  Not to mention the costs that come with those projects, on top of the cost of the house.  And since we’re also not sure that this would be our forever house, our wise parents also suggested that the resale value on a farmhouse may not be there when we go to sell it, say, in five years.  They reiterated that the pool of people that would want a house like it is much smaller than those that would buy a conventional home in a neighborhood, so we may not be able to sell it quickly when we’d need to down the road.

I realize our parents are also being cautious and protective because that’s their job.  And I’m not known for listening to parental advice.  Like I said, I’ve always been more of a jump-in-and-see-what-happens kind of gal.  But that was also when it was just me, before I had children to worry about.

However, the house is definitely my dream home.  It’s an 1858 stone farmhouse that’s been completely remodeled, on 5 acres with a view of a lake and it’s all beautiful.  I would be so fulfilled decorating it, blogging about it and sharing it with all of you and writing about the journey of a city girl turned farm girl.  I’d love to host an “open air market” in the summer right in my very own backyard!  Not only that, but can you imagine what I could do with a completely empty 3 story barn?  Can you say furniture workshop and antique store front?  It’s like a dream come true for me!  But then I remember that we have a baby coming and I wouldn’t be able to do anything with the business aspect of the property for at least a year from now.

See!  See what I mean?  I get myself all excited and then reality sets in again.

The hubby reminded me of the drowning man parable.  Do you know the one I’m talking about?  It goes something like this:  The man’s city is flooding and the first floor of his home is flooded.  A rescue boat comes by and he refuses it, saying “No thanks.  I’m going to wait.  God will save me.”  His home continues to flood, so he goes to his second floor.  Another rescue boat comes by and he refuses it, saying “No thanks.  I’m going to wait.  God will save me.”  His home continues to flood, so he goes to his roof and a helicopter comes to rescue him and he refuses it, saying “No thanks.  I’m going to wait.  God will save me.”  The flood waters continue to rise and the man dies.  He gets to heaven and he says to God “I waited and waited, but you never saved me.”  God says “I sent you two rescue boats and a helicopter.  What else could I have done?”

So is the farmhouse our rescue boat, or is it our parents telling us not to buy it?



  1. Oh Laura! What a quandry…..the barn and home are so lovely!!! And a chicken coop!!! I would have a hard time passing it up…….but the “cons” are valid too. Good luck!

  2. It’s beautiful and I could imagine the possibilities but I think if it was right you would feel so hesitant, you would just know…it was right. Just an opinion. Good Luck!

  3. I meant to say “wouldn’t feel so hesitant”

  4. Once you buy it you are stuck and lots going on with a new baby. A shared driveway impacts your ability to have those sales & the business you want. God will open all the doors when the time is right, just not feeling that is now. Stay put, His timing is always perfect!

  5. That little sinking feeling in your stomach …listen to it. It’s your inner voice.
    Some say it’s God’s voice, others say it’s intuition. Good Luck in whatever you decide:)

  6. Oh, love the barn and the view! Wow, lots to do in the house…what a quandary. I think the shared driveway would scare the bejeebers out of me – especially if you wanted to do sales or have a shop there.
    If this turns out not to be the time or the place, (literally!), that would just mean that something even better is on the horizon for you.


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