Heart Ornaments – Tutorial with Alternatives

These darling and delicate ornaments I made for our LOVE tree for Valentine’s Day are super simple to make.  They are a little time consuming at first, but once you make one and get in a rhythm, you can make them mindlessly while watching TV.
Supplies you’ll need:
Tape measure (if you want to get technical)
For the ribbon, which you’ll use to hang your ornaments, each piece should be about 11″ in length:
For the paper, I used vintage sheet music (shocking, I know) because I have a 2 foot stack of the stuff in our workshop, and because I love the vintage look.  You could use any scrapbook paper you have around the house, or even construction paper.
I took one page of vintage music paper and cut out strips horizontally all along the piece of paper.  I did not measure each strip as I cut along.  I just eyeballed the strips so they looked to be about 1 inch in width and the length of each piece was 9 1/4″, the same width as the sheet music itself.
You’ll need 3 strips of paper per ornament, so depending on how many you want to make, cut your strips accordingly.
I knew I wanted to make about 10 ornaments, so I once I had 30 strips of paper laid out before me, I took one stack and cut it in the center.  Again, I did not measure precisely.
You’ll need to stagger the length of 2 of your strips.  Leave the outside strip alone and cut a little off the two inside strips so that the inner-most strip of paper is the shortest length out of all 3.  Do this for both halves of your future heart.  You’ll have two sets of paper as pictured above.  The picture below shows the different lengths.
Take your two stacks of paper (6 strips of paper total) and with the shortest piece on the inside of each stack, followed by the next longest and then the longest strip of paper, put them together and line up one straight end on the bottom and staple all 6 strips of paper together.  Like this:
Then, taking your shortest pieces on the inside, fold them in together to create the shape of a heart and hold:
Then repeat with the second set of strips, holding on to them and grabbing them as you go:

Finally, finish with your longest, outer most strips of paper and hold:

Next, grab one strip of your pre-cut ribbon, fold it in half and place the open end inside the middle of the top of your heart (be careful not to let go of the heart as you’re inserting the ribbon, otherwise you may have to start over again):

Pull that section out a little so you can get to it with the stapler:
And carefully staple it all together, making sure your ribbon is secure in the middle for hanging:

And it’s ready to hang!

If your longest strip of paper is roughly 9″ to 9 1/2″ in length, then the total size of your heart ornament should be about  3″ tall by 2 1/2″ wide.
To create our tree, all I did was hang the heart ornaments randomly on a branch I found in our yard back in the Fall.  I placed the branch inside a square vase I purchased at Michael’s and secured it inside the vase with floral foam.  I covered up the foam and base of the branch by filling the vase to the top with white tissue paper.
These LOVE-ly hearts make great gift attachments too!
An alternative to heart ornaments on your tree would be to simply cut heart shapes out of your paper like so:

Once your hearts are cut out, simply poke it on the end of a branch stem:
You can leave it like that, or dress it up by tying a bow on the end of the stem:

You could even write little love notes on each heart for your Valentine to find!!  Now wouldn’t that be sweet?
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  1. Your hearts are just the cutest! I’m bookmarking so I can make for next year! Coming over from Between Naps on the Porch and your newest follower. =)


  2. adorable and easy…just what I love about it!

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