So I’m sorry for the lack of posts this week.  It’s been a monkey wrench kind of a week for us.  The hubby and I found an 1858 stone farmhouse on 5 acres that we’ve fallen in love with, and so all of our thoughts and energy have gone into figuring out if it’s the right next move for us to make.  I’ve wanted a farmhouse for years and my husband loves the land and space, but is this big city girl really ready to live in the country?  The real country.  There are two neighbors within a 100 yards of the house, but then no one for at least a mile.  We currently live in a small city of 20,000 now, which is small by a lot of standards.  But this farmhouse is in a city of 4,900, so although it’s not typical “small town”, it is much smaller than the big city of 1.5 million where I grew up.

The property contains a very large 3 story barn that would be perfect to turn into a workshop on one side and a store front on the other.  There is also a horse stable and pasture on the property (I’d love horses some day) and a chicken coop.  And a view of a lake in our backyard.  Yeah, I know.  Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

So, do we or don’t we?  That is the question.

*Note:  the pictures above are not the real house.  They are only meant to give you an image of what the house looks like.



  1. GO FOR IT! xo

  2. Farmhouse?! Oh my how romantic!!
    It sounds wonderful Laura!
    I’m sure you’ll make the decision thats right for you….:)

    Deborah xo

  3. It sounds like your heart has already decided Laura; it sounds wonderful!


  4. A big decision! I know you will make the right one for your family!

  5. My hubby’s dream is to live on a big farm–but honestly every gal I know who went in with the dream seemed a little worn out after several years of drafty walls and leaky facets and 40 minute round trips to get to costco . . . Just some thoughts, from another girl who gets the livin’ on a farm bug every 6 months. I live in a 1908 house and our energy bill was the same as my store. yikes!

  6. That is a might big decision. I always lived in the country growing up, & I would never want to do it as an adult. I’m just wondering about the store front idea in an area with such a small population. Would you be close to a major thorough-fare that could bring in potential traffic and buyers? I know you and your hubby will weigh all the pros and cons. Good luck with your decision.

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