Winter Mantel

Considering our thermometer reads -2 degrees here today, our new Winter Mantel seems oh so very appropriate:

Once I removed all of the greens from our Christmas Mantel, we were left with this:

Which was certainly fine and wintery enough, but I had these antique silver platters lying around and I really wanted to do something chalkboard-y (yes, I’m making it a word) with them:
I’ve seen antique platters used as chalkboards lots of times but wondered how people did it.  I remembered seeing this roll of chalkboard vinyl at Michael’s for $4.99 so I went and bought it the other day (with a 40% off coupon of course!).  It worked perfectly and now I have the vinyl for a few other projects I have in mind.
I made templates for the inside of each platter using regular white computer paper (with the exception of the large oval platter – I had to use vintage sheet music for that one because the printer paper wasn’t large enough).

Once I placed the templates inside each platter and realized they were going to work, I got busy tracing them onto the back of the vinyl:
Then I cut along my lines and carefully placed each piece of chalkboard vinyl inside each platter.
The entire project took me about an hour last night while watching a movie with the hubby, inside where it’s warm, of course.  Because let me tell ya’, Baby, it’s cold outside!!
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  1. Very, very cute! This inspires me to get a roll of that stuff and create something. Thanks!


  2. this is so fabulous!I’d love if you would link it up to my blog party. I know my readers in the uk love american interior style. hope you can make it!

  3. This is adorable! Our weather has been seasonably warm this year and it’s making us all sicker than dogs! My new obsession is chalkboard. I recently used it in my pantry to label everything! Looks so cute and wintery!

  4. Awesome job ! I didn’t even know they made chalkboard vinyl! I made some chalkboards out of metal trays too, but I used chalkboard paint ( 4-5 coats ) and painted the whole thing . I like yours with the siver edges :)

    Dawn@ MakingHome

  5. I love your chalk boards. I have a post coming up this week on my obsession for these lovely little things! Come on over and check it out if you’d like. Great job! Your mantel is lovely!

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