Operation Infinite Giggles – Update

Getting a home just how you like it is an ongoing process.  My father-in-law always reminds me when I get impatient that “the Taj Mahal wasn’t built in a day”, he’ll say.  In fact, is a home ever really “just how you like it”?  For a chronic re-decorator like me, it’s never complete.  There is always something to be modified or tweaked.

But . . . we’ve been making progress on the playroom a/k/a Operation Infinite Giggles.  One weekend in early December, I finally painted it from burgundy (the hubby’s previous office color) to plain white.  I chose white for resale value and because I wanted to bring in pops of color throughout the room with everything else it will contain.

Of course most of you know that it all began with the Playroom Wardrobe:

Talk about pops of color!

And from there came the rugs from IKEA:

Here are a couple of shots from around the room as it is today:

I found this plaque at Hobby Lobby in black, but I painted it in bright red and hung it above the windows.

Our alphabet wall is beginning to take shape.  I plan on changing the colors on most of the letters you see here.  I chose each letter for its shape, knowing I could easily change the color.  I still have a few letters left to find, but hopefully you get the idea.
And this is the “art gallery” wall.  I’ve already framed a few masterpieces and plan on adding more as we go along . . . I also want to either paint the wood shelves white or wrap them in fabric.  I haven’t decided yet.  We shall see.  The jury is also still out on whether to keep that throw pillow where it is.
To the left of where Minnie is sitting on the floor I’d like to put a little table up against the wall so they have their very own spot to sit, color and create.  I already have four awesome vintage children’s chairs ready and waiting to put at said table:
Which, of course, I plan on painting.
I’m glad the playroom is starting to come together.  I’ll be shopping at an antique show this coming weekend so I’ll be looking for some vintage letters to finish the alphabet wall.  Little by little we’re getting there.
I also have a few other projects up my sleeve for 2012:  hand stenciled curtains for our living room, faux roman shades for the playroom and more . . . as well as a few posts about organizing our home.  I’m hoping if I post about organizing our home here, that I may actually, finally get it done.  We shall see . . .


  1. Cute playroom. Love the bright colors. No, a house is never done. My husband thinks it should be, but he should know it will never stay the same very long. I have seen lots of big letters at antique malls around here lately.

  2. A house is never completely done…that’s what makes it so exciting! Love the pops of color! Good shopping this weekend!!

  3. sooo fun! Love bright colors for kids. ;)

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