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When I heard The Nester was hosting a Home Goals 2012 Link Party, I knew I had to get in on it.  Not only would it be a great source of inspiration to read other’s goals, but it’d be a great way to narrow down just what exactly needed to be done around here.

It will be 5 years (I can’t believe that) since I moved into this house come May, and the changes we’ve made have really transformed it into a home.  We do love this house and our neighbors are incredible, but the layout no longer suits our growing family.  It’d be fine for a little while longer, but we’re definitely outgrowing it.  And fast.

With that said, anything we do to this house from here on out is with the goal in mind to sell it.  When?  Not sure.  That’s still up for debate, but it will certainly be before our oldest is ready for school (which is soon and I can’t believe that either!).  There are a few “to do” items that we’d like to complete before too long:

Continue to make this a loving, warm, welcoming home

Obviously it doesn’t matter how big your home is, where it’s located or how it’s decorated if a loving environment doesn’t exist on the inside.  To love on each other, and anyone that comes into this home, is our first and foremost ongoing goal.


Trim:  We need to touch up base molding and trim all throughout the house.  This is always a good idea to do at least once a year anyways.  It always makes everything seem bright and new again.

Walls:  There’s an area on our stairway that needs to be repainted:

It’s still painted a terra cotta orange from when the house was decorated in more of a bohemian style.  It’s time it got a coat of paint on it so it can join the party going on in the living room.  I’m still not even sure how it escaped my paint brush to begin with, but it can’t be avoided any longer.


Stairway:  As you may also be able to see in the photo above, where there should be a stair railing, there’s a weird wall that used to house fake plants.  Eeek!  I’m not sure what the builder was thinking when they put this in, but we’re going to cap them off with a piece of wood and paint the entire wall the same color as our trim.  Ideally we’d love to knock it out and put in an appropriate stair railing, but since this isn’t our forever house, things like that just aren’t on our list.

Built-in desk area:

We’d like to repaint this entire pantry area at the end of our kitchen back to a bright white.  We’d like to create a built-in desk in the very center of this area, leaving the large pantry doors on either side and all 5 doors above.  It’s great storage, but a “mom central” office space right in the heart of the home is a great bonus to have.  We have the butcher block counter top ready to go and the plans drawn up, we just need a babysitter to watch the babes and a weekend to knock out this project.  You know . . . when hell freezes over.  I kid.  I kid.  I’m sarcastic about it because we’ve been meaning to do this for over a year and it’s still on our list, undone.

Gallery wall:

I’d like to hang the chalkboard up on this living room wall and create a gallery around it, filled with various sizes of frames, antique prints, family photos and some trinkets.  I’m thinking something like this:
Source:  Pinterest
Finish Operation Infinite Giggles:  I’d like to finish the playroom as soon as possible.  I can’t stand half completed projects.  I need to make window treatments, and at least finish the alphabet wall before I’ll feel somewhat satisfied with it.  I’d like to do more, but that’s the bare minimum to complete.
Open shelves:  In our kitchen, behind our Trash Pick of the Century, is a long, expansive wall.  I’ve had these vintage prints up there for a while now, and although I do love them, I’d like to put some open shelving in their place, the same length as the buffet.
I’m thinking of moving one of the prints over to the left of the buffet a little more and putting the shelves above the buffet.  It’d be fun to put up some of my collectibles on display and to decorate the shelves for each season.  I’m envisioning shelves like these:
Source: Pinterest
Or like these:
I love, love, love the chalkboard wall behind these shelves!  But we already have a chalkboard wall in our kitchen that we painted earlier last year:
As you can see from the mess in the background, this shot was taken during our laundry room makeover.  Oh how I do love our chalkboard wall, though.  It’s a great place of fun in the kitchen and it’s also super useful!
Ahh, it feels great to have a list made and recorded.  And because I’ve shared this list with all of you, I now feel accountable to get these things done before too long.  Can you also help me find a way to add more hours to each day so I can complete them?

So what are your home goals for this year?  Or is your house perfectly done and I should be jealous?  *Smile*

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  1. I’m with you, Laura. I still marvel at how much you get accomplished with your little ones! My “to do” list is long and this is not my “forever house” but some things “have to be done”. I’m currently in the middle of my “master bedroom makeover”. Check it out. http://serendipity-kfj.blogspot.com/2012/01/because-you-spend-13-of-your-life-in.html


  2. Good luck with your list! Love the open shelving!

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