Happy 2012! Word of the Year

I’m typically a resolution maker at the beginning of each new year, only to have a resolution or two drop by the wayside.  Sound familiar to any of you?

For 2012 I decided to take a different approach.  I decided to adopt a one-word theme to carry with me throughout the year:

I wrote it on the chalkboard in our living room to set the intention (surrender) for the year and as a daily reminder for the first week of this new year.
Now don’t get me wrong.  I do have a general idea of things I’d like to accomplish in 2012, but I’m going to, hopefully, do more “surrender“-ing throughout this coming year.  Instead of being caught up in what could be, what should be, or holding on to shouldas, couldas and wouldas, I’m simply going to attempt to surrender more to what is.  An alternative word could have been acceptance, but acceptance is done superficially each and every day.  To surrender seems more profound and purposeful, which is precisely why I need to do it more often this year.
How about you?  Do you have resolutions?  What are your hopes for 2012?
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  1. What a great idea! And the word fits perfectly! I don’t make resolutions either just decide how I can be and do better!
    Drop by for a visit…gift-away going on!

    Blessings for a wonderful new year!

  2. Surrender is a very important and hard thing to do, believe me I know! I have a print in my kitchen with the same exact word and somedays I need to look at it at breathe through the craziness of toddlerhood. :) Very good idea Laura!

  3. This is a good one, Laura! I think you will find peace in it!

    Happy New Year!


  4. “Surrender” that’s a powerful word that encompasses SO much! I love it. I have a few goals for the year and I have them printed off and framed sitting on our bedroom dresser :). Happy New Year!

  5. That’s a great word. Sometimes when we decide to let go, more good happens than we could ever imagine!
    See you soon.

  6. You and I are working on the same “resolution” this year. And I hope for our health and happiness we both attain it.
    The chalkboard reminder is simply lovely.

  7. Love that word!!!!!

  8. Blessings on your journey to surrender.

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