Okay.  So I have a confession to make.  I am a dufus.  Yep.  I am.  You see, I hadn’t checked my Etsy shop in quite a while and actually thought to myself at one point during the holiday season: “Hmm, that’s strange.  I haven’t received a single order in a while.”  But do you think it ever occurred to me to visit my Etsy shop to see why?  No.  Insert dufus.  It was because all of my listings had expired!!  What?  I thought once you posted a product, it stayed on there until it was sold.  Can you tell I’m a rookie?  Lesson learned!

Well, I took some time yesterday and today to get everything back up in the shop and listed for sale.  So if any of you would like to check it out, please visit B & B’s Nest Etsy shop today.  I have some additional items up my sleeve for Valentine’s Day (including our ever popular chicken wire memo boards, vintage frame chalkboards and some fantastic Valentine’s Day theme napkins) and will certainly let you get a sneak peek at them as soon as they’re ready.

Thank you so much for your support!  The joy of life is YOU!



  1. Hi Laura!
    Beautiful little Etsy shop you have!
    I loved reading the “about you” section on your blog!
    Have a great week!

    Deborah xo

  2. Yup I’ve done that too, was so focused on my one etsy store that I just let my vintage store sit a while and then it vanished off my blog. What??? Same thing, I hadn’t renewed the listings in a while!

  3. It is difficult to keep up with all the rules and different changes that take place from site to site. Never mind. I will pop off and check it out for sure. Thanks for sharing. I will follow on my way out and hope you can find the time to come visit me and do the same. I look forward to engaging throughout twenty twelve with you. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

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