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A few more Christmas decorations


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Christmas Is In the Air and Partial Kitchen Reveal!

Wow, it certainly has been a while.  I’ve wanted to write so many times but the days keep getting away from me.  But I’ve been dying to share some photos with you of our house as we set the stage for the Christmas Cookie Exchange we hosted here last weekend.

Let me start out by saying that as all of the lovely ladies came through our door that day, along with their babes in tow, all I kept thinking to myself was how blessed I am to have them all in our home.  I moved here 4 1/2 years ago and I was desperately wanting friendships from the moment I landed and now there were 9 lovely ladies (12 invited total) walking in to our home.  How on earth did I get so lucky?  I’m so grateful for these women.  Every single one of them has touched my life in some way and they may not even know it.

I spent last week putting the final touches on our Christmas decorations around the house and we decided not to put up a big tree this year.  We couldn’t decide if we were going to go with an artificial or real tree and then decided with the little ones running around, and the fact that we’re not going to be here for Christmas this year, that we’d settle on a table top tree.  Don’t take away my home decor blogging license, though, okay?  Please!  Doesn’t it count that I decorated our little table top tree and a photographer’s studio tree this year?

Anyway, for the party, I set up a self-serve beverage station complete with hot cocoa, homemade marshmallows, tea, spoons, candy cane stir sticks and hot water.

I hung fresh greens in almost every place I could think of, including above and below our Christmas sign in the kitchen.  I tied up each bunch of the greens with a strip of burlap and faux berries.

And then did the same thing on either end of the dining room window which I also draped in upholstery webbing.


Our table was covered in a beautiful white linen tablecloth (which was my Nana’s) and topped with a red and white runner.  I needed to put plastic over the entire table, however, because I also set out a “decorate your own sugar cookie” station for the kiddos that came and thought a plastic cover over the table was probably wise.  Gee, ya’ think?

Above the kitchen sink on our antique corbel window ledge sits my very favorite Santa.  I love pulling him out every year.  The sign he’s holding from his left hand says “Will Work for Cookies”.  And yes, I will!

Even our vintage milk crate that sits on our brand new granite countertop got a few Christmas touches:
The hubby did the white subway tile backsplash all by himself and I love it!

We had hot cider mulling on the stove for the party . . . oh I love that smell . . .
Here’s a view of our kitchen from one direction:

And just to solidify how far this view of the kitchen has come, here is how it looked when I moved in 4 1/2 years ago:
Even our antique French baker’s rack (which sits on the Trash Pick of the Century) got a little Christmas makeover:

Here’s a view of our kitchen facing the other direction (I’m standing by the kitchen sink taking the photograph):

The chocolate brown pantry wall is going to get a makeover fairly soon.  We plan on painting it entirely in white and in the center is where the built-in desk will go.  If we ever get to that project!  At the very least, we’ll definitely paint this wall before we put the house on the market.
Here is how that view looked 4 1/2 years ago:
Ugh!  Wow!  It’s amazing when you put before and after photos next to each other.  It looks a little different today, wouldn’t you say?
I’ll be sharing more of the Christmas decorations around our home with you soon.  Happy Wednesday before Christmas!  Good luck with any last minute “to dos” you might have!


  1. Your kitchen is looking beautiful, Laura! I like how you have lightened it up! Hang in there, before you know it, it will all be done!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. LOVE the upgrades. You are so inspiring!

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