More Easy, Inexpensive, Homemade Ornaments

First let me start off by reminding you about the awesome Pottery Barn Gift Card giveaway right here at B & B’s Nest!  You have until this Sunday to enter for your chance to win.  You get 2 chances (leave 2 comments) if you share it on your blog, so don’t miss this fabulous opportunity!  Just think of all the wonderful things you could buy this holiday season with your $50 gift card!
I have so many fantastic ideas for upcoming projects and posts, but I need to focus on the task at hand:  finishing up all of the decorations for the tree I’m decorating at a photographer’s studio this weekend.  I’m thrilled she agreed to let me do it and I’m oh so hoping she likes it when it’s finished!
I’ve got the vintage postcard ornaments complete and ready to go, some white snowflakes, and I also have burlap garland ready to go on the tree.  I found some burlap garland at Pottery Barn for $16.50 for 25 feet, but thought I could do better than that.  I was going to make my own out of extra yards of burlap I have sitting in my fabric stash, but then I found burlap garland at Joann Fabric for $8.99 for 30 feet.  A much better deal!  And it saved me a project.  I’ll take two of those, thank you very much.  And with the 40% off coupon I had, it was definitely worth it.
So then I began working on the vintage sheet music ornaments I wanted to make.
Supplies needed:
Plain glass ornaments (can be found at local craft store)
Vintage Sheet music
Paper shredder
Ribbon of your choice
Jingle Bells (small)
The first thing I did was shred the sheet music.  To make 1 dozen ornaments, I shredded about 8 pages of sheet music.  You could certainly use any vintage book pages for this project.  It does not have to be sheet music.  For a more colorful project, use construction paper or scrapbook paper.  The options are endless for this ornament!!  
Once the paper was shredded, I gathered a bunch in my hand and cut the pieces in half.  This makes it much easier to fit them into the ornaments.
Remove the silver top to the ornament and start inserting the paper into the ornament a few strands of paper at a time.  It goes in fairly easily.  I used the wood part of a sponge brush to push the paper down once it was half-filled so I could fit more in.  I wanted the ornaments to be really full.

Once the ornament is filled to your liking, put the silver top back on the ornament, tie a ribbon around the top, threading a jingle bell on to the ribbon before you tie it, and then tie it in a bow.  I used a dollop of hot glue to secure the ribbon in place at the very end.

They’re ready for the tree!  To hang these vintage beauties, I’m just going to use simple, silver ornament hooks.

For another super simple ornament, I used pine cones, provided by Mother Nature.  I wanted to incorporate some nature and texture into the overall look of the tree.  
Supplies needed:
Large pine cones
Sponge brush (small)
Jute string
Elmer’s Glue
Silver Glitter
For the glitter I used the Recollections brand found at Michael’s.  It’s $8.99 for a large shaker.  Again, I used a 40% coupon to purchase it.  Save your coupons, People.
To hang the pine cone, simply tie a knot of jute string around the inside of one end of the pine cone, make a loop for hanging, and then tie another knot around again.  It should look something like this when you’re done:

Dispense a little Elmer’s Glue onto a paper plate and, using a sponge brush, apply a little glue on the ends of your pine cone, like so:

Then using your glitter shaker, simply coat the spots of glue with glitter and shake off the excess.  I always do this over a plastic bin so I don’t lose all of my glitter.  I keep it in the bin and can use the excess glitter for another project some other time by simply spooning it out.  Simple is as simple does.

A regular old pine cone has officially been bling-ified.  I think they’ll look great on the tree.
There’ll be another great Christmas craft project tomorrow.  Stay tuned!  And don’t forget to register for the giveaway.  Did I say that already?  Sorry.  I just really want you to win!
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  1. They are beautiful! I LOVE the music but I like your suggestion of using a scrapbook paper that matches your tree or an old book, whatever goes with the theme!

  2. Those ornaments are gorgeous – great idea!!

  3. These are both so cute, Laura! I’d like to make the sheet music ornaments but I don’t have a paper shredder…no problem though…patience!!


  4. Wow…such pretty ornaments. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, I like this idea! I have some of the clear glass ornaments filled with leaves and rafia right now, but plan on removing all that & redoing for Christmas. I also really like your idea with the pinecones!

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