Happy Thanksgiving!

We don’t have many Thanksgiving traditions other than gathering with family and devouring the usual turkey feast.  But there were a couple of traditions I learned about from other families this week that have caught my attention, so I thought I’d share them with you.

The first one is to set out a journal the week of Thanksgiving and leave it in a central location for all to see.  Everyone in the family writes down what they’re thankful for, signs it and dates it.  I think this is a wonderful idea as our children grow to look back after years of many Thanksgivings together to read what we wrote in years past.  Our children are too little now to participate, but hopefully next year we can start this tradition in our little family.
The other one is centered around food.  I read the story in Woman’s Day while sitting at the dentist office this week.  A woman enjoyed her quiet Thanksgiving with her husband and two sons, but always longed to have a giant feast surrounded by family and many friends.  Their families were out of state and their friends, of course, were spending Thanksgiving with their families.  She decided to do a “Sunday after Thanksgiving Pie Party” for their friends and neighbors.  She bakes about 30 pies every year, some savory and some sweet, and invites everyone over to enjoy the food and each other’s company.  She said it gave her sons a sort of extended family throughout the years and it gave her the satisfaction of hosting a big event in their home.  I love this idea!!!  I, too, would love to host Thanksgiving in our home every year, but we have the same sort of problems as this woman did.  My family is out of state and my husband’s family lives a day drive away and they’re hunting every Thanksgiving.  I’m not sure they’d ever come to our house for a Thanksgiving feast.  It’s too late this year to bake 30 pies and send out invitations, but this, again, is another idea I would consider for next year for sure.
Well, whatever your family traditions, and whatever you’re doing this blessed Thanksgiving, from our Nest to yours:
B & B’s Nest will be back next week with some more fabulous Christmas projects for you!  Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

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