Paint Lovers’ Dream Giveaway and a Guest Post

Hey everyone!  I hope you’re having a fabulous week so far.  I have another wonderful guest for you today: the lovely and uber-talented, Jessica, from her appropriately named blog, Paint in My Hair.  She does what I love to do: refurbish unloved furniture, only she does it on a much larger scale AND she has her own store.  Sigh.  My dream!

Miss Jessica came by to visit us today and she’s bringing along an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!  So without further adieu, let’s see what it’s all about:

Hello B & B’s Nest followers!  I’m so excited to be filling in!

  My name is Jessica and I hail from the blog Paint In My Hair — named after my mother who taught me that you know how good paint is by how long it stays in your hair.

And just a warning . . .

I’m a little loopy most of the time because 4 kids under 5 and a hubby in grad school can do that to a lady. :)

So, you may or may not be on the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Bandwagon . . . But I am.  In fact, I may just be driving that wagon.  And I’m gonna do my best to get you on board!  Because this stuff just plain rocks. 

Okay.  See the shiny, perfectly smooth picture frame on the left??
Isn’t she grand in ASCP Provence?  No sanding.  No priming. 
 And isn’t my little witchy woo, on the right, so cute as well??

So, to show you how easy this stuff is to work with I let my kiddos paint with it.
If there’s a mess to be made, my kids are on board.

 And in case you are wondering — yes, this piece is mine.  I wouldn’t do this to a customer’s order. ;)

Really, this is deceiving.  He’s not this focused all the time.

Hum, follow them size 5′s.

Okay.  When they start the body art, it’s time to quit – quickly.

Yep, like mommy, like daughter.  Paint In Her Hair.

So to help get you all on board I’m giving away EVERY color of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint!

Yep.  EVERY color!  Seriously folks!
All 28 colors in tester pots & BOTH waxes.  The perfect start to a beautiful friendship.

The giveaway runs till November 18th, so please tell all of your friends!

Thanks for playing! 


Wow, Jessica, are you serious?  I’m going to have to enter that giveaway myself.  Annie Sloan paint is what I use most of the time.  Hop on over to Paint in My Hair and go directly to her post titled, ASCP Giveaway, be sure to read her rules and enter for your chance to win.

If you’ve never used this paint, it’d be a great opportunity to try it.  I also promise you you’ll become addicted if you use it once.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Your kids are seriously cute, Jessica!! I’m popping on over to enter your giveaway. Thanks to you, too, Laura!


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