Transformation Tuesday – French Stools

I just can never seem to leave well enough alone.  It’s a sickness, I think.  Anyone else suffering from it too?  We have two ordinary stools pulled up to our kitchen counter.  They’ve come in very handy over the years, but they’ve been sticking out like a sore thumb to me lately.

Here they were yesterday morning:

And here they are today:

I like the French numbers.  And since we’re injecting a little French country over here in our kitchen and dining area, I think they’ll fit right in.

I should have been relaxing between our morning at the zoo and a Fourth of July afternoon barbeque at our house, but noooooooo, I had to go and grab the stools and get started on them in the middle of a perfect afternoon.  Why can’t I ever seem to sit still?

I began by painting the legs in Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint.  Once I had a generous coat on both stools, I began on the wonderful French decals I had custom made by Leen the Graphics Queen.  If you recall, she also did my custom B & B’s Nest decal that I talked about in Day Two of Nellie’s Barn Sale.  She’s incredible, kind, fast and she does a great job of creating exactly what I had in mind!  Once I had the decals in place, I coated them with Water Based Polyurethane in Clear Satin.  See!  I don’t always use just wax.  It depends on the situation.  Because these stools will get sat on over and over and over, I didn’t want the decals to be compromised so I coat them in something extremely durable.  I think the poly will do the trick.  I then distressed the legs and coated them in one coat of Minwax Paste Wax.

I’ve seen lots of transformed stools on blog after blog after blog.  Some painted with numbers on them, some reupholstered, some re-stained, and some simply painted.  All sorts of seriously creative options, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with ours, if anything.  I came across the inspiration picture for these stools on a blog a while back and they caught my eye.  I do not claim originality on this idea!  Unfortunately I cannot, for the life of me, remember where I saw them.  I have bad blog manners because I can’t give credit where credit is due, so if someone out there knows where they’ve seen these stools, please set me straight!

I love these French stools.  For now.

Ayez un jour grand!

Since this post was published this morning, my dear friend Kimberly reminded me where I had seen the stools project.  It was Red Hen Home back in May.  Thank you so much for the inspiration!  Your stools were beautiful so I made a set for our home and it’s a compliment to you.  Hats off to you!



  1. Great transformation! Love the stools and the frenchy touch!

  2. They look beautiful! Thanks for giving me credit, but the one who does the WORK deserves all the praise!

  3. Umm, you spelled DEUX wrong …

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