Where do I begin?

Hi All!  I hope each of you had an awesome weekend wherever you are!

I guess I shall begin with day one.

As you may know, B & B’s Nest had its very first sale over the weekend and it was an incredible experience, to say the least.  I left at the end of the day on Saturday with a sore body, sunburned shoulders, a soul filled with joy and a whole new crew of friends.  Who could ask for anything more?

It all began on Thursday with the load up of all of the goodies to bring to the sale.  We made the drive down, said our hellos, how are yas and quickly unloaded, put up the canopy, covered everything with tarps and drove back home.  I still had a lot of little items to get ready, so there was no rest for the wicked that night either.  I barely slept that night as I ran through all of the last minute details in my head and envisioned how on earth I was going to set it all up by myself the next day.

Friday came and the adrenaline was rushing in full force.  I zoomed down there and started uncovering it all, unloading boxes and moving furniture around at a hare’s pace.  THAT was my first mistake.  I never should have been doing this by myself, which is one of the biggest lessons I learned in all of this (more amusing lessons will be shared in another post).  Count Your Blessings, one of the other vendors and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, had just asked if they could help me out, but because I didn’t want to burden anyone else, I stubbornly said “no, thank you.”  Wwweeeeelll, I was moving my favorite desk:

when it got stuck on the grass and I heard a loud crack.  You have got to be kidding me!  The frame on the left-hand side of the center drawer snapped and the center drawer fell out.  I. was. devastated.  Everything was supposed to be perfect.  That’s how I do things.  This was not supposed to happen!  I quickly regretted not taking the help when it was offered.  Foolishness!  I had three other people rush over to help me fix it, and more importantly, calm me down because I was physically shaking.  It was put back together, but the crack remained.  The price was instantly slashed in half and my heart was broken.  Not because I had to lower the price, but because I really loved on that desk and it was one of my favorite pieces.

Other than that everything went really well.  I was able to get everything set up and I still had some spare time left to take pictures and tweak things here and there.

The backyard of this beautiful property and location is stunning and I really don’t think my pictures do it any justice, but here we go.  This was my set up at the start of the day on Friday:

Fresh lavender bouquets and lavender buds for sale in my area:

I also had for sale four different graphic crowns printed on vintage sheet music and cut to 8 x10 so they’re ready to fit into a frame of your choice.  These will be available in the Etsy shop before the end of this week. B & B’s Nest Etsy shop is open, by the way, but more items will be added in the next couple of days, so be sure to check back again and again.

I even had architectural salvage items for sale

and vintage sheet music wreaths.  I had three of them and they went within the first hour!  I now know to have a lot of more of them on hand and ready to go!

Here’s the beautiful little pond behind my area:

Across from me was the area for Count Your Blessings:

Look at all of their gorgeous vintage and antique treasures.  I really had to practice a LOT of restraint at this sale!

An archway made from old doors!  Brilliant!

I couldn’t do this post without showing you “the barn”.

And more of the yard behind my area:

A little, rusted, wrought iron gate on the path:

Here was another vendor with some great vintage, primitive treasures

And then the people came

And they didn’t stop.  Hundreds of people.  For hours.  It was pure chaos the first day, but it was fabulous.  I love kissing babies, shaking hands and passing out business cards.  I love meeting new people and my love tank was on “Full” the entire weekend!

Items were going really fast.  The little burgundy sideboard/buffet received a ton of attention.  People would stop, touch it, open it and stand, talking in front of it I don’t know how many times throughout the afternoon.  But no one was biting.  I decided it was because of its color.  I had brought my painting and distressing supplies with me so at 4:00 I brought it all out and commenced its transformation from burgundy to . . .

. . . well, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow, when I share day two with you!

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  1. So excited for you Laura! I was out scoping a market on Sun. that I’m planning to set up a booth at in Sept. My friend and I do it together, so hopefully it won’t be so hard. Your set-up was absolutely gorgeous – you should be so proud of yourself. You’ve given me lots of ideas and a great deal of hope!

  2. Laura–Nellie here–what a great post. I’m so glad you enjoyed the yard, it does look pretty in the photos. My husband Jesse will be so proud to know everyone loves all his hard work…and he does work hard. I see some little elf placed my big stones around my pond edge…hmmm, wonder who that was! It looks great. I wanted to say that the sheet music wreath in the photo….would look fab if you could glue/affix a vintage brooch to the middle of it…or some other ornament, huh! Just sayin! Love.

  3. I was lucky enough to see the finished sideboard the next morning and it was GORGEOUS! Of course, all your things were. No wonder nearly every single item was gone. =)

    It was wonderful meeting you. Can’t wait for the Fall sale! Blessings… Polly

  4. I love the barn!…thanks for being sure to share it with us! Looks like you found a great place to spend some time! and some money!!??

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