Why didn’t I think of that?

Our weekend was so dang busy I feel like I need a weekend just to recover from it.  We have so many projects (home and craft) going on simultaneously that I can barely see straight, or the counter top for that matter!  The kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, office, playroom are either currently being worked on or are at least in the planning stages.  Oh, and I’ve now added “painting the fireplace” to my list of things to do, so the end is no where near in sight.

The reason for all of these home renovations you ask?  Well, we found a house back in January that we absolutely fell in love with.  After much hemming and hawing, reviewing finances, and even obtaining pre-approval to purchase said house, we decided to stay in our current home for about another year.  We decided that if we weren’t going to move right now, we would at least make some much needed updates to this house and make some design changes to fit our style and personality a bit more than we had already done.

Well, renovations are a lot like a marriage, aren’t they?  They require commitment, endurance, patience and humor.  They usually require more work than you ever expected, require lots of compromise, and oh yes, the occasional hiccup that no one saw coming.  Insert story: so my husband was installing our fabulous, new, high neck faucet (post new counter top install) and I was trying my best to keep the kiddos out of his way.  After a long while, I hear:  “Hey, honey.”  I said “yeah?”.  He said, “are you ever going to want to open the window again?”  WHAT???  I head into the kitchen and this is what I see:

Why didn’t I think of that?  I even held the faucet neck up to the sink (proudly I must say) at one point to see how great it was going to look and I never saw this one coming.  We both stood there staring at it for a moment, and then realized we could buy a simple twist crank instead of the lever that we had.  Ahhhh.  Breathe.  Hiccup?  Yes.  Catastrophe?  No.

Problem solved:

Now all we need to do is get a new base for it and we’re done.  Well, with that project anyways.  Phew!  Now onto the next . . .



  1. We have had some hiccups with our kitchen reno too…and I would have had the same problem as you with the new kitchen faucet we purchased, but the new window we put in has the right amount of clearance for the “fold in” handle that is on the window…but you are right,,you look back at some things and think…oh boy! we goofed on this one! Can’t wait to see pics of your kitchen,,,stay tuned at my site too as we are getting close to being done!! Enjoy your new tap! I love mine!!

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