Treasure Hunting

Sunday is family day.  I will not post a blog on a Sunday.  It is reserved, typically, for our family time, which we seem to get so little of these days, which is why it’s become so important.

Yesterday, however, was an atypical Sunday for us.  Due to the record-breaking temperatures, my husband decided it was a good day to break out the golf clubs for the first time this season.  He made plans with his brother to head out in the afternoon and take advantage of the day Mother Nature dealt us.  The bubble above my head read: “Hmm? Well, then maybe I can get a little time for me today, too.”  I said, “Honey, I’m going to run to the antique mall before you head out to play golf, okay?”.  He said sure.  Yay for me!  I quickly grabbed my purse, uh, I mean, diaper bag, and away I went.  It was only going to be for an hour but I took that hour for all it was worth.  I rolled the windows down in the car, felt the warm breeze blowing, listened to some of my favorite tunes and drove to my favorite secret shopping spot!  Life was good.

Some people might call this stuff junk, but I call it heaven:

Rows and rows of endless possibilities and ideas!!

I love these crates, but someone polished them.  Boo!  Keep them rustic and untouched, I say.

Someone that loves vintage books would enjoy this little corner:

It’s the thrill of the hunt.  That “oh yeah” moment when you find just what you were looking for, or that conversation piece for that perfect spot, and of course because you found it at a low price!  Oh yeah!!  Some women like to shop for clothes, but for me, lately, I like to shop for vintage decorating accessories.  It’s what I’m obsessed with right now because we are in the middle of renovating/redecorating and because we have a limited budget (don’t we all?).  So I like to find what I want, for less!

Here are the treasures I found yesterday:

I have a few Ball jars filled with antique clothes pins and vintage spools of thread, but I’m going to use these Ball jars as drinking glasses.  I also found a non-working vintage fan that I have THE perfect spot for, white platters to adorn our kitchen walls, antique silverware which I will use to create some art in my Etsy shop, the cute little wooden box that you’ll see later in “after” photos of our kitchen, a package of 12 vintage milk bottle lids which I’m going to make into magnets, the fun vintage pool balls with jar to display in our daughters’ play room, and last but not least, wooden shutters (not pictured here) which I will use in my soon-to-be-built desk area in our kitchen.  Wait until you see how I’m going to use them!!  The shutters were $8.  $8 dollars!!!

I consider this a successful day, not only because I found these awesome treasures, but also because my husband and I got our much needed, and rare, alone time and it was a gorgeous Sunday!  Life is good!



  1. Sounds like you had a great day finding treasures! Love your header,,,how did you do that? Care to share your tips?

  2. Thank you Dawna!! I can’t take any credit for it. The lovely Fairy Blogmother created this wonderful look for me. Scroll all the way down to the end of my blog and click on “The Fairy Blogmother”. That will take you to her site where you can learn all about her magical powers! Good luck! Laura

  3. I’m SO happy you got some alone time to do “Laura stuff”!!! You might have to share that “secret location” with me! Looks wonderful:)

  4. Awsesome! I LOVE going to the thrift and antique stores all by myself too; and like you, I prefer doing this to clothes shopping! Love the fan and all the treasures you found.

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