Decorating OCD

I used to go the bookstore and spend hours among the cookbooks and interior decorating books.  Of course that was back when I had time, precious time.  Now with children, I’m lucky if I get a few minutes to peruse a catalog, let alone an entire book, while riding shotgun in the car.  I grab time when I can.

Now I look forward to getting the mail (geez, my life is dull) just in case one of the following catalogs has arrived in our box:  Ballard Designs, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Home Decorators Collection, Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware and more.  I love them!  In fact, I used to hang on to all of those catalogs as references, but a few years ago I decided that having stacks of catalogs lying around the house just wasn’t practical anymore.  Ya think?  Maybe, in fact, keeping piles of catalogs is sort of crazy to begin with!?!?  So I began the daunting task of going through them and keeping only the pages I wanted to keep.  I bought a large, black, 3 ring binder with tabs and labeled them “bedroom”, “bathroom”, “entryway”, “kitchen”, “office”, and I now have a tab labeled “playroom” (I can’t imagine why).  I save pictures of rooms I love for inspiration, of course, and for that “someday” when I’m made of money (a girl can dream) and can decorate away!  When new catalogs arrive now, I go through the binder and dispose of pages with pictures of rooms I don’t like anymore and replace them with pictures from the new catalogs.  Tastes change.  We’ve been over this before.

Am I the only one that does this?  Maybe I shouldn’t be admitting it?  Please tell me you do this too!  And if you don’t, maybe I’ve inspired you to hop on my crazy bandwagon!


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