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Encounter at Our Counter Series


Hello! I am so excited to be writing today because we have something really neat to share: our new "Encounter at our Counter" series. One of my favorite parts of being a store owner is meeting some incredible people that walk through our doors. Of course, every one of them is incredible, but some are special surprises once we get to chatting. And yes, I'm a … [Read more...]

Who Knew?


I've been absent. I've wanted to sit down and write many times, but we've been so incredibly busy over the summer with our business, but also with fun activities with our kiddos, and there's a little thing called sleep that I hear is important to get once in a while!   One of the things that's been keeping us so busy is an interior decorating job that's come … [Read more...]

Made It My Own with Annie Sloan

mimo 3

I've got some exciting news to share today: Annie Sloan has launched a fun, new campaign for all of you furniture painters out there: from newbie to experienced painters!     Annie has launched a new online gallery for you to share your transformations using her incredible Chalk Paint® using the new tag line: Made It My Own with Annie Sloan! But how … [Read more...]

Sunday Inspiration – July 26, 2015


Just when you feel the urge to break free and take steps toward something you've been wanting to do, in walks fear, comparison and lots of people telling you "it can't be done". Most people will quit at this point in a journey, but that's the moment I want you to press on and through it, and remember this:     Press through the doubt and fear and … [Read more...]

A Few Pictures From Around Our Nest

from around our house The Ironstone Nest 2

I've been posting a lot to our Instagram account more than anywhere else lately. I love being able to share little snippets of what we're up to here and there.   I've shared some photographs on Instagram of a few of my favorite spots from our home and thought I'd share them with you here. You can definitely see a trend in my style revealed within these … [Read more...]

My Aha Moment

Mutual of Omaha Aha Moment The Ironstone Nest

What is my "aha" moment? I never really thought about it before until now. Late in May, I received an email from the Mutual of Omaha "Aha Moment" Tour asking if I'd like to be interviewed when they arrived in Madison. Of course I said yes! There are a few "aha" moments that have influenced our next moves since I began this blog journey, which has now lead to a … [Read more...]

Miss Mustard Seed’s Trip to Wisconsin – Part 2 of 2

The Ironstone Nest

**WARNING: Photo heavy post**   I asked Marian Parsons (Miss Mustard Seed) over 2 years ago if she'd like to come and visit our space, which she dubbed an Inspirational Shop space in a blog post she wrote! She was very instrumental in our decision to open a shop, and she's been a mentor to me on numerous occasions over chats on the phone when it comes to my … [Read more...]

Miss Mustard Seed’s Trip to Wisconsin – Part 1


I have been writing a post about Miss Mustard Seed's trip to our store, but there are hundreds of photos to go through and it's taking me longer than I anticipated to get it all down, but I promise it's coming. There's no way I wouldn't share with you one of the best days in this Blogger's life since I started this blog! It truly was a magical day because not only … [Read more...]

Ideas for a Boys Room


We've spent so much time concentrating on our store, that our house has suffered from serious neglect over the past year. It's time to start to turning our attention to a few rooms in the house: our living room, one of our bathrooms and our little guy's room. The little guy's room is going to come first.   Some of you that have been following along from the … [Read more...]

Father’s Day

Fathers Day 2015 22

We believe in handcrafted and creating something with our hands. All of our furniture in our store is handpainted and hand-waxed. We don't spray anything. We believe in old-fashioned craftsmanship. So when I stumbled upon a few incredible entrepreneurs right here in the USA that have the same philosophy as we do, I jumped all over it.   Since Father's Day … [Read more...]

A Few Very Important Painting Tips

Quick Furniture Painting Tips The Ironstone Nest

This will be a quick post, but I want to make sure I put it out on the internet for everyone to read. I've mentioned it before on our Instagram account, but wanted to reiterate a couple of important painting tips for you here.     The picture above is a photo of a drawer that I had just finished lightly sanding prior to painting. As a furniture … [Read more...]

Budget Friendly Teacher Gift

Teacher Gift by The Ironstone Nest 3

School ends this week for some and next week for others. Our school year ends next week, but I can get so busy lately that I decided to be ahead of the game and deliver our teacher gifts this week.   I went searching Pinterest for ideas and found this cute potted plant:     While I do think it's adorable, I wanted something a little more neutral … [Read more...]

Getting Ready and a Thank You

Please visit our EVENTS page for a schedule of events for Saturday, May 30

We've been tirelessly preparing for Marian's trip here to our store. I feel like I'm planning a wedding! I have a 2 page itinerary with what happens each day this week and who is doing what, followed by an hour-by-hour timeline of events this Saturday! We are thrilled to be celebrating our 1 year store anniversary this week and having her here is so … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Gratitude

Thank you The Ironstone Nest

Every day is Military Appreciation Day, but especially today! May we give gratitude today for the brave men and women that have served, those that have lost their precious lives and the ones still serving today to protect our peaceful lives!! We owe them so much! Thank YOU for your selfless service!     … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday (a day late)

The Ironstone Nest Family

I thought about posting a "Throwback Thursday", even though it's Friday, photo to Facebook for you all to see, but I thought it'd be more fun to share here!   My parents circa 1971 (2 years before I was born)!     My father was in the service and served a couple of years in Vietnam on the ground. In fact, he was stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska … [Read more...]

One Year

2015 updates at The Ironstone Nest 4

We are finding it hard to believe that we're coming up on the 1 year anniversary of our store opening (May 29th). It's been a very fast and a very slow year all at the same time. In fact, we still can't believe that we have a store front. Neither of us would have believed you if you would have told us 2 years ago that we'd have a store! It was never a dream of … [Read more...]

Sunday Inspiration – Happy Mother’s Day 2015


Today was a great day spent relaxing, which is a rare thing these days. When asked what I wanted for Mother's Day, I said "a nap!". Yep. That was all that I wanted. An uninterrupted nap. It was really wonderful and our cat, Alex, even joined me.   But I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of you incredible, selfless mothers out there! I hope today … [Read more...]

Sunday Inspiration – April 26, 2015


I've been very quiet lately. I haven't posted much on social media or on the blog. It's been a few weeks of some very interesting days and circumstances. The last few weeks have presented some challenges that we're navigating.   This time has had me reflecting on all of us. We can appear to be fine on the outside yet be struggling with very painful … [Read more...]

Miss Mustard Seed is Coming to The Ironstone Nest!

feature image

To help celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our first official retail store opening and to celebrate our 2nd anniversary of being a retailer for Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint, we invited a very special friend to help us celebrate:     We had a little too much fun that day! I'll share with you more tomorrow about why I was in Pennsylvania shooting this … [Read more...]

Speaking Engagements

The Ironstone Nest Wisconsin Ag Summit

One thing I never could have foreseen when I started on this journey, was doing speaking engagements. Nor did I know how much I would actually really love doing them!   I've done mostly painting & transforming furniture demonstrations at the following events:   City Farmhouse Pop Up Show, Tennessee - October 2013:     Main Street Market, … [Read more...]