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Sunday Inspiration – February 15, 2015


I'm going to keep the inspiration straight and to the point today:     So very true!   … [Read more...]

I’m a Leg Girl

Chalk Paint The Ironstone Nest FINAL 2

My taste has changed a little over the past few years, but one thing that has remained the same is my love for beautiful turned legs (by a lathe). You can usually find these legs on the older antique, real wood furniture pieces and I fall madly in love each time.   Just look at these legs:         So naturally I am … [Read more...]

We All Have Roots

Roots Chocolates

I am originally from Detroit. I had an actual Detroit address from the age of 5 to 15, but went to school in the suburbs of Detroit. The only grass I knew was the 12 foot of grass in our front yard, the 26 feet of grass in the backyard and the grass at the park down the street. I now live near Madison, Wisconsin and am surrounded by farms and fields for as far as … [Read more...]



Thank you all so much for participating in our Giveaway! I loved reading all of your comments and I appreciate every single one of them.   We are very excited about TINbox™ and we are spear-heading a marketing campaign in the coming weeks, but YOU are our biggest marketers. Please let your friends and family about our monthly subscription box as word of … [Read more...]

Sunday Inspiration – February 8, 2015


I hear this in my workshops all the time: "But what if I don't do it right?" or "What if I make a mistake?". As far as paint goes, I always say that there's no wrong way to do it, there's just "try" and as far as making a mistake, you can always sand it. But as far as life goes, I say to you: "You never know until you try". And isn't that where the magic happens … [Read more...]

A New Adventure

TINbox Subscription Box

We've been working on a new project for months and we're excited to finally let you in on it.   Introducing: TINbox™! www.tinboxclub.com       As our website states: "You know that feeling you get when you walk into a charming store on the corner of Main Street and you feel like you’ve just uncovered a treasure? Yes, we know it … [Read more...]

Hemp Oil and Why I Love It


I wish I had known about Hemp Oil as a finish topcoat years ago.     Hemp Oil is not only good for our bodies (people use it on skin, put it in smoothies), but it is also an excellent hydrator for wood and a sealant for porous paint surfaces. Now I completely understand if you're wondering how a product can be great to ingest and can also be used … [Read more...]

Chalk Paint® vs. Milk Paint

Chalk Paint  vs Milk Paint by The Ironstone Nest

We are very proud to use, stand behind and sell two of the best paint products on the market: Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan and Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.     So what is the difference? Are there differences? Why would I use one versus the other? Well those questions have been answered by a few very experienced painters and … [Read more...]

A Paint Journey

Post Pic 8

I painted my first piece in my 20s (I'm 41 now). It was a nightstand I found on the side of the road. Back then I used latex because I thought "paint was paint". A few years ago when I first began this blog, I discovered Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan and I. was. hooked. I quickly learned that paint isn't just paint. As with cars, there are … [Read more...]

Sunday Inspiration – January 18, 2015


I traveled last week (you'll find out where and why tomorrow) and it's always extremely humbling to travel. You realize just how small you really are. By nature, we're caught up in our own little worlds so when you step away from your world to other ones, it is eye opening.     Just driving along in the airport shuttle from the airport to the hotel … [Read more...]